About this documentation
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Before you start
Product comparison chart
About minimum system requirements
About naming of host names
About important port numbers
Daylight saving time (explained)
Time servers (explained)
About virus scanning
System overview
Software and system components
XProtect Smart Client
XProtect Smart Client (explained)
XProtect Mobile client
XProtect Mobile client (explained)
XProtect Web Client
XProtect Web Client (explained)
Access XProtect Web Client
Recording Server Manager
XProtect Download Manager
About licenses
License information overview
About automatic license activation
About device changes without activation
How the number of device changes without activation is calculated
Hardware device summary
About replacing hardware devices
Get additional licenses
About license activation
Activate licenses offline
Activate licenses online
Activate licenses after grace period
Install and upgrade
Install your system software
Install XProtect Smart Client
Install video device drivers
About upgrading
About updates
Upgrading from one product version to another product version
Upgrading from a current version of your product to a different current XProtect Professional VMS product
About upgrading to a more a feature-rich XProtect Professional VMS product
Importing a new software license file
About removing system components
First time use
Configure the system in the Management Application
Best practices
About protecting recording databases from corruption
About saving changes to the configuration
About using the help
About restarting services
Monitor storage space usage
View video from cameras in Management Application
Getting started
About the Getting started page
Automatic configuration wizard
Automatic configuration wizard: First page
Automatic configuration wizard: Scanning options
Automatic configuration wizard: Select hardware manufacturers to scan for
Automatic configuration wizard: Scanning for hardware devices
Automatic configuration wizard: Continue after scan
Add hardware wizard
Add hardware: Scan for hardware
Add hardware: Scanning options
Add hardware: Select hardware manufacturers to scan for
Add hardware: Scanning for hardware devices
Add hardware: Manually specify the hardware to add
Add hardware: Enter IP address
Add hardware: Import from CSV file...
Add hardware: Import from CSV file - example of a CSV file
Add hardware: Import from CSV file - CSV file format and requirements
Configure storage wizard
Configure storage: Video settings and preview
Configure storage: Online schedule
Configure storage: Live and recording settings (motion JPEG cameras)
Configure storage: Live and recording settings - H.264/MPEG4 cameras
Configure storage: Drive selection
Configure storage: Recording and archiving settings
Adjust motion detection wizard
Adjust motion detection: Exclude regions
Adjust motion detection: Motion Detection
Manage user access wizard
Manage user access wizard: Basic and Windows Users
Access summary
Advanced configuration
Hardware devices
About hardware devices
About microphones
About speakers
About recording audio
About dedicated input/output devices
Show or hide microphones or speakers
Configure hardware devices
Delete/disable hardware devices
About replacing hardware devices
About the Replace Hardware Device wizard
New hardware device information
Camera and database action
Speaker properties
Hardware properties
Hardware name and video channels (properties)
Network, Device Type & License (properties)
PTZ device (properties)
Cameras and storage information
About video and recording configuration
About database resizing
About motion detection
About motion detection and PTZ cameras
Configure camera-specific schedules
Configure when cameras should do what
Configure motion detection
Disable or delete cameras
Move PTZ type 1 and 3 to required positions
Recording and storage properties
Recording and archiving paths (properties)
Dynamic path selection (properties)
Video recording (properties)
If the camera uses the MJPEG video format
If the camera uses the MPEG video format
Manual recording (properties)
Frame rate - MJPEG (properties)
Template and common properties
Regular frame rate properties
Speedup frame rate properties
Frame Rate - MPEG
Audio recording (properties)
Audio selection
Storage information (properties)
Camera properties
General (properties)
Video (properties)
Audio (properties)
Recording (properties)
Recording and archiving paths (properties)
Event notification (properties)
Output (properties)
Motion detection & exclude regions (properties)
Privacy masking (properties)
Fisheye lens (properties)
PTZ preset positions (properties)
PTZ patrolling (properties)
PTZ on event (properties)
About microphones
Configure microphones or speakers
Show or hide microphones or speakers
Microphone (properties)
Events and output
About input and output
About events and output
Overview of events and output
Add an analytics event
Add a hardware input event
Add a hardware output
Add a manual event
Add a generic event
Add a timer event
Configure hardware output on event
Configure general event handling
Generate alarms based on analytics events
Test a generic event
General event properties
Ports and polling (properties)
Events and output properties
Test an analytics event
Test Analytics Event (properties)
Hardware input event
Hardware output (properties)
Manual event
Timer event (properties)
Generic event
Output control on event (Events and Output-specific properties)
Scheduling and archiving
About scheduling
About archiving
About archiving locations
About archiving to other locations
About dynamic archive paths
About archiving audio
Storage capacity required for archiving
About archiving schedules
Automatic response if running out of disk space
About viewing archived recordings
Configure general scheduling and archiving
General scheduling properties
Scheduling all cameras
Scheduling options (properties)
Camera-specific scheduling properties
Online period (properties)
Speedup (properties)
PTZ patrolling
About Matrix video-sharing
About Matrix-recipients
Configure Matrix
Matrix properties
Matrix recipients (properties)
Matrix event control (properties)
About logs
Configure system, event and audit logging
Log properties
About notifications
About email
Configure email notifications
Email (Properties)
Message Settings (email)
Attachment Settings (email)
Server Settings (email)
About SMS
Configure SMS notifications
SMS properties
Message Settings (SMS)
Server Settings (SMS)
About scheduling of notifications
Notification Scheduling properties
About Central
Enable XProtect Central
Central properties
Access control
About access control integration
XProtect Access licenses
Wizard for access control system integration
Create access control system integration
Connecting to the access control system
Associated cameras
Final summary
Access control properties
General Settings tab (Access Control)
Doors and Associated Cameras tab (Access Control)
Access Control Events tab (Access Control)
Access Control Actions tab (Access Control)
Cardholders tab (Access Control)
Server access
About server access
About registered services
Configure server access
Server access properties
Server access (properties)
Local IP ranges (properties)
Language support and XML encoding (properties)
About master and slave
Configure master and slave servers
Master/slave properties
About users
Add basic users
Add Windows users
Add user groups
Configure user and group rights
User properties
User information (properties)
Group information (properties)
General access (properties)
Camera access (properties)
Alarm management (properties)
Access control management (properties)
About services
Server manager tray icons (explained)
Start and stop services
Start, stop, or restart the Event Server service
Stopping the Event Server service
View Event Server or MIP logs
LPR servers
XProtect LPR system overview
XProtect LPR (explained)
XProtect LPR system architecture
Minimum system requirements
XProtect LPR licenses
Preparing cameras for LPR (explained)
Positioning the camera
Camera angles
Plate width recommendations
Image resolution
Understanding camera exposure
Physical surroundings
Lens and shutter speed
Unwanted camera features
XProtect LPR installation
Install XProtect LPR
Upgrade XProtect LPR
XProtect LPR configuration
View LPR server information
LPR server information properties
Configuring cameras for LPR
Requirements for LPR in the Management Application
Snapshots (explained)
Add LPR camera
Adjust settings for your LPR camera
Info tab
Recognition settings tab
Match lists tab
Country modules tab
Select snapshots
Validate configuration
Working with license plate match lists
License plate match lists (explained)
Unlisted license plates list (explained)
Add new license plate match lists
Edit license plate match lists
Import/export license plate match lists
License plate match list properties
Edit custom fields properties
Events triggered by LPR
Alarms triggered by LPR
Alarm Definitions for LPR
Alarm Data Settings for LPR
LPR maintenance
LPR Server Manager (explained)
Start and stop LPR Server service
Show LPR server status
Show LPR server log
Change LPR server settings
Uninstall XProtect LPR
XProtect Mobile
XProtect Mobile introduction
XProtect Mobile (explained)
Prerequisites for using XProtect Mobile
XProtect Mobile system requirements
XProtect Mobile configuration
XProtect Mobile server (explained)
XProtect Mobile and master/slave servers (explained)
Smart Connect (explained)
Set up Smart Connect
Sending notifications (explained)
Set up sending notifications to mobile devices
Set up investigations
Using Video Push to stream video (explained)
Set up Video Push to stream video
Actions (explained)
Naming an output group for use in XProtect Mobile client and XProtect Web Client (explained)
Mobile server settings
General tab
Connectivity tab
Server Status tab
Performance tab
Investigations tab
Video Push tab
Notifications tab
Mobile Server Manager
Mobile Server Manager (explained)
Access XProtect Web Client
Show status (explained)
Accessing logs and investigations (explained)
Change investigations folder
Edit certificate
Fill in/edit surveillance server credentials
Show/edit port numbers
Start, stop, and restart Mobile Server service
Troubleshooting XProtect Mobile
Milestone ONVIF Bridge
Milestone ONVIF Bridge (explained)
Milestone ONVIF Bridge
Setting up Milestone ONVIF Bridge security controls
Installing Milestone ONVIF Bridge
Configuring the Milestone ONVIF Bridge
Managing Milestone ONVIF Bridge
Milestone ONVIF Bridge properties
User settings tab (properties)
Advanced settings tab (properties)
Manage video playback
Alarms (explained)
About maps
Add an alarm
Add a time profile (for alarms)
Alarms properties
Alarms definition (properties)
Alarm data settings (properties)
Sound settings (properties)
Time profile (properties)
MIP plug-ins
About MIP plug-ins
XProtect Transact
XProtect Transact introduction
XProtect Transact (explained)
XProtect Transact system architecture
Connectors (explained)
Transaction definitions (explained)
Transaction events (explained)
Getting started
XProtect Transact trial license
XProtect Transact configuration
Setting up transactions
Add transaction source (wizard)
Transaction sources (properties)
Add transaction definitions
Transaction definitions (properties)
Setting up transaction events and alarms
Define transaction events
Create alarms based on transaction events
Enable filtering of transaction events or alarms
Maintaining transaction setup
Edit transaction source settings
Disable transaction sources
Delete transaction sources
Verify XProtect Transact configuration
About automatic device discovery
Change default file paths
About Customer Dashboard
Connecting Hardware Devices
User Interface
Default File Paths
Access Control Settings
Audio Recording
Analytics Events (properties)
Alarms and Events
System maintenance
Backing up and restoring configuration
About backup and restore of configuration
Back up system configuration
Restore system configuration
Back up and restore alarm and map configuration
Export and import Management Application configuration
Restore system configuration from a restore point
Importing changes to configuration
About importing changes to configuration
About required fields for CSV files when you import changes to configurations
Import changes to configuration
Glossary of Terms
Access control door license
Analytics Events
Aspect ratio
Base license
Device changes without activation
Dual stream
Event Server
Frame rate
Generic events
Grace period
Hardware device
Hardware device license
Image Server
LPR camera license
LPR country module license
MAC address
Manual events
Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)
Privacy masking
Recording Server service
Restore point
Software License Code (SLC)
Software license file
Transaction source license
Video encoder
Video motion detection (VMD)
Video server
XProtect Transact