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 Milestone Care ensures your system’s continued performance

Milestone CARE assures your performance

Assures your performance

Video surveillance is not just about protecting your assets and people ­– it’s a business critical part of your organization. Milestone Care gives your system an added layer of protection, ensuring it always functions as it should. 

Milestone CARE secures your investment

Secures your investment

You invest a lot of time and resources into your surveillance system. Milestone Care keeps your system updated, so you’re always getting the most out of your investment.

Milestone System minimizes your risk

Minimizes your risk

Critical incidents can happen at any time. Milestone Care makes sure your system can meet your business’ security demands. 

Milestone Care gives your business the protection it deserves. Now and in the future. 

Milestone Care is a complete suite of operational maintenance and support services for your surveillance products. It supplements the support you receive from Milestone’s broad and highly qualified network of resellers and integrators. 

Milestone CARE

Milestone Care

Milestone CARE Basic

Our complimentary self-service
support offering

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Milestone Care

Milestone CARE Plus

Future-proof your
surveillance installation

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Milestone Care

Milestone CARE Premium

Round-the-clock support for
your Milestone product

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Milestone Care

Milestone CARE Elite

Dedicated technical
account management

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So, which solution suits you best?

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Milestone Care





  Annual fee



  Chat support

  Knowledge base

  User forum

  Access to Service Releases

  Access to new device driver packs

  Trade-in value on software products*





  Access to new versions


Milestone Customer Dashboard  Customer Dashboard


  24/7 Technical support **


Case Managment Case Management Tool


  Localized support available in select markets


  Prioritized handling


  Committed response times


  Committed resolution times


  Technical account manager


  Known issues list


Requires Milestone Care Plus on covered products
 * Not applicable for XProtect® Essential 2016 R3 and higher, XProtect® Essential+ 2017  R2 and Milestone Husky™ M10, M20, M30 and M50.
**  End-customer tech support is available through Milestone partners for Milestone Care Basic and Milestone Care Plus