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Frequently asked questions

Be found 

Search and find the best integrations for your Milestone XProtect®, add extra functions and value to your installations.

What is the Technology Partner Finder?

The Milestone Technology Partner Finder is a platform that features Milestone verified software and hardware, which is offered by our community of Technology Partners and optimized for Milestone XProtect®.

What can I find on the Technology Partner Finder?

The Milestone Technolgy Partner Finder gatheres 400+ verified software and hardware integrations with proven compatibility with Milestone XProtect that cater to a broad range of use cases.

How do I search the platform?

You can use the filter pane on the left to narrow down your search by Technology, Area of Practice, Challenge, Industry, Services or even by number of cameras. Select multiple filters to further drill down the results. Alternatively, you can also use free text search by typing and pressing enter.

I found the solution I am looking for, but I need more information.

Software and hardware pages contain information such as descriptions of the product, customer stories, installation guides, technical documentation, compatibility with different XProtect releases, supported languages as well as country availability. You can always get more information directly from the partner via the Contact Us form or the Book a Demo form.

I want to buy a product, where do I find the price?

You can request a quote directly from the partner via the Contact Us form and selecting 'Sales' from the sub-option.

Who do I contact for a complete offer that includes both a software or hardware integration and XProtect?

Be seen, be found by Milestone Sales, Partners and End Customers, show the great
value added by your integration into XProtect.

How do I join the Milestone Technology Partner Finder?

If you are a Milestone Technology Partner and have a Milestone verification, you are eligible to join the Technology Partner Finder. Follow the onboarding guide for next steps or get in touch with us. For more information about becoming a Technology Partner, you can contact us here.

What are the benefits of joining the Milestone Technology Partner Finder?

Join the Technology Partner Finder to showcase both your Company as well as your software and hardware offerings to potential customers. Engage with sales and have your technical questions answered regarding your products, and set up Demo sessions. Share details about your products and make information available to download directly from your pages. Gain additional visibility and promote your offering by choosing a START, GROW or EXCEL membership plan

What membership options are available to me?

You can choose from three different options that offer you three different levels of benefits: START gives you immediate visibility and leads GROW gives you START plus a full analytics dashboard EXCEL gives you START & GROW plus the chance to be promoted through the internal Milestone Partner channels Read more and get in touch with us to know all the features here

How do I get my software or hardware verified by Milestone?

Our Technology Partner Managers will support you during your journey to create your own integration. The verification process starts when your integration is ready, and it is intended to verify the compatibility of your software or hardware with XProtect. After the process is completed you are requested to publish your Product Page. Contact our Technology Partner team if you need more information. 

What type of content can I add to the Milestone Technology Partner Finder?

As a Milestone Technology Partner you will have the opportunity to create your own company page and ONE product page for each integration verified by Milestone. You can use the Technology Partner Finder to highlight the joint value proposition with Milestone XProtect and how your software or hardware is optimized for XProtect. Start by exploring the platform and join the community of our Technology Partners. 

How do I create my page on the Technology Partner Finder?

Once you have access to Technology Partner Finder, log in via your MyMilestone credentials and access the Overview Section. This page lets you create new pages and modify existing pages. All the sections are already designed to give your content the best visibility possible.

How many pages can I have on the Technology Partner Finder?

You can have one Company Page and as many Product Pages as you want, as long as each page features one software or hardware verified by Milestone.

How can I optimize my page to generate more traffic?

Your page should explain what your product is all about. It is a good idea to review your content every 2-3 months to make sure it is still relevant and up to date. Make sure to fill out optional fields in the editor to gain maximum benefits and enable features like Book a Demo. Ensure relevant documentation is uploaded to your page. You can always choose a higher membership plan to boost your visibility and have an annual Page Performance Review with our Digital Engagement Team. Read more and get in touch here. 

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