Video technology for retail
Milestone's video technology enhances retail store video surveillance and delivers actionable insights for businesses of all sizes.
Make retail safer and more profitable
Transform your retail space with Milestone video management software (VMS). Combat shoplifting, enhance safety, and use video insights to optimize operations and better tailor your marketing efforts – all in one customizable video security solution driven by XProtect VMS or Milestone Kite™ VSaaS.

For more than just security
Prevent theft and loss
Use facial recognition technology to authenticate cardholders and identify blacklisted shoppers, receive instant alerts for items concealed in bags without payment, and monitor unusual store activity for proactive security.
Enhance safety and security
Build a secure and healthy retail space with our video solutions. Efficiently locate missing children, assist distressed shoppers, detect unattended objects, and monitor for health safety compliance to mitigate the spread of illnesses.
Boost profits with data
Harness insights derived from integrating video analytics with your retail CCTV security systems. Analyze customer behavior to optimize store layouts and develop more focused marketing strategies.

Boost security, enhance customer experiences

Loss prevention
Safety and security
Better customer experiences
Privacy and data protection
Loss prevention
Combat shoplifting and employee theft, and minimize losses due to errors using XProtect or Kite to safeguard your assets. Implement facial recognition technology to identify and alert you of blacklisted shoppers as they enter, even as smart video analytics provide immediate notifications of unpaid items being concealed. Enhance payment security by matching credit cardholders' faces to authenticate transactions, and proactively identify habitual returners to address potential losses before they escalate.
Safety and security
Enhance your premises' safety with centralized security management, real-time monitoring, and instant alerts to prevent incidents and ensure security of staff and customers. For smaller, single-site stores, Milestone Kite™ offers a cost-effective VMS solution. Integrate visual verification with access control for easy operation, use facial recognition for quick on-premises identification, and speed up investigations with Milestone XProtect’s advanced search features. You can even, track shoppers’ skin temperatures upon entry to maintain health safety standards.
Better customer experiences
Use video analytics to gather unique insights into shopping behavior, allowing you to optimize your store layout, refine your marketing strategies, and enhance the overall customer experience. Receive alerts when VIP customers enter, ensuring they receive the best service. Monitor queues efficiently for quicker service and to maintain social distancing. Tailor your marketing efforts more effectively by targeting specific demographics based on gender, age, and other factors. Additionally, leverage retail management technologies for insights to significantly boost your revenue. 
Privacy and data protection
Ensure your retail store video surveillance systems are compliant with current privacy regulations. Protect your business even as you implement face masking as a default feature, ensuring customer privacy is maintained and only accessed by authorized personnel when necessary. Additionally, benefit from Milestone's comprehensive privacy support, including privacy guides, best practices, and training resources designed to promote privacy awareness and establish privacy best practices. 
“The power of Milestone’s open platform allows us to tailor solutions directly to customers’ requirements...Result: happier, loyal customers!”

Robert Marsden, Managing Director of Addictive Technology Solutions 

Get the Milestone advantage
Rely on Milestone video technology, with solutions proven in 500,000+ customer sites and 25 years of experience in the industry.
Global partner network
Access the expertise and support of our 11,000+ resellers and integrators worldwide.
Open platform
Get a totally configurable solution with the near-limitless possibilities of our open-platform software.
Future-proof investment
Add and remove devices as your needs evolve with our simple per-device license model.
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