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Milestone XProtect® has an open architecture which allows you to leverage the Milestone Integration Platform (MIP) to customize Milestone XProtect to your customers and users’ needs.


Quick overview of the benefits

A rich set of APIs

We offer a set of APIs that cover what you might want to integrate, extend or build. We are always expanding ways to share, access, and interact with new APIs and standardized protocols.

Active community

You get access to our Developer Community, connect, collaborate and get support whenever you need it. Participate actively or follow from a distance. Either way, you will get a better development experience.


You get access to documentation, code samples, customer use cases, information on protocol integration and lots more on tap.

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This is the Milestone Integration Platform

The versatile .NET Framework

Explore a world of possibilities no matter what you’re looking to develop. Add features and functionality, and create powerful, new solutions.

Open platform & standardized protocols

Independent systems can be seamlessly integrated and managed through one interface for greater efficiency and improved functionality to deliver best in class solutions that go beyond security.

Easy development experience

Milestone XProtect video management software supports the MIP. Download XProtect Essential+ and get started or access it on AWS.

Professional tools to power your ideas

The MIP APIs make it easy to build your own services and applications, extend ours, or integrate with other systems and devices with Milestone XProtect VMS. For detailed documentation, visit our doc.developer portal. Discover the APIs below.

Video, Audio & Metadata
Use the API to retrieve, display, export, and store video, audio, and metadata.
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Send PTZ commands to devices, retrieve PTZ position, start/stop recordings, create bookmarks, etc.
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System Status
Read status messages from the VMS including device status, server disc and CPU usage.
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Authentication & Authorization
Use the API to authenticate users and manage their authorizations.
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Retrieve, and update the system configuration for XProtect.
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Use the API to read licenses and add your own plug-in licenses.
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System & Audit Logs
Use the API to generate log entries and read the logs.
Events & Alarms
Use the API to trigger and retrieve internal and external events and manage the alarms.
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Integrate with XProtect®

There are multiple ways you can directly integrate and embed applications, hardware, devices, or services into the Milestone XProtect VMS software.

Our professional developer community

Find Milestone XProtect solutions,
partners and inspiration

Find the hardware, software and solution service partners to build the videomanagement solution you need. Generate more qualified leads quickly. Technology Partner Finder is the place to make connections, showcase your hardware, software, and solution services, and grow your business.

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