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Integrate and embed applications, hardware, devices, or services into the Milestone XProtect VMS software.

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Explore a world of possibilities no matter what you're looking to develop. Milestone provides a set of tools that allow you to customize XProtect to your customers' and users' needs. Add features and functionality, and create powerful, new solutions.


The Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK) is a set of comprehensive tools that makes it easy to create applications or device drivers that will work for Milestone XProtect video management software.

The development framework allows you to seamlessly integrate applications, hardware, cameras, and other devices - all from Milestone Technology Partners, end customers, or third-party vendors. The open architecture of XProtect, together with the MIP SDK, allow for endless possibilities to add features and functionality for creating powerful, new surveillance solutions.





The Milestone Integration Platform VMS API is a new generation of our existing suite of APIs that was created to streamline the development process. Overall, it is based on industry standards and a modernized architecture and allows for robust and secure integrations that will meet your evolving needs.




The Video Processing Service is an integral part of the MIP SDK. It is designed to easily fetch video feeds from XProtect and return correlated metadata feeds and/or a modified video stream back into the VMS system. It allows enriching video by adding analytical capabilities to devices that do not support these out of the box.



AI Bridge 

The Milestone AI Bridge is an API gateway that enables Intelligent Video Analytics applications to integrate seamlessly with the Milestone XProtect Video Management Software. Access video streams and return events, metadata, and video back into the VMS.




Driver Framework 

Device drivers are an essential part of the XProtect VMS, interfacing between recording servers and the devices that you attach to the system. With the Milestone Integration Platform Driver Framework, create fully-featured device drivers for those devices which are currently not supported by a dedicated or generic driver in XProtect.

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