Video management software for transportation
Our globally proven video technology can enhance safety and efficiency for your transport security systems, including railways and highways.
For safer and more efficient journeys
As transport providers, you can better protect travellers, staff and property with a customizable video solution with Milestone’s XProtect® video management software (VMS) at its core. Harness features like automated people counting, analytics and alerts to fight crime, costs and safely manage crowds.

Customizable for evolving transportation needs
Streamline operations
Optimize transportation operations with video analytics – enhance efficiency in logistics, reduce wait times, and improve overall service quality.
Asset protection
Protect critical infrastructure and assets – use surveillance to monitor and secure vital points such as cargo areas, equipment, and vehicles.
Emergency response enhancement
Improve emergency preparedness and response – use video data to quickly assess situations and coordinate effective emergency responses.

Keep transport running safely and smoothly

Crowd Management

Proactive crime fighting 
Smart insights from video data 
Cost-effective surveillance solutions 
Crowd Management
Efficiently manage large gatherings with our video solutions. Analyze both live and recorded footage to easily manage crowds. Our access control lets you monitor entry and exit points effortlessly, anywhere, anytime. With cutting-edge facial recognition (where legal) and people counting, understand and adapt to crowd patterns, ensuring everyone's journey is seamless and secure.
Proactive crime fighting 
    Step up safety with our proactive crime fighting tools. Our system sends instant alerts, enabling quick response to any threat. Use body-worn cameras for discreet real-time evidence gathering and de-escalation and AI-powered analytics to monitor for any unusual behavior. 
    Smart insights from video data 
      Unlock the potential of video data with our video management software (VMS). Dive deep into analytics for precise, actionable insights. Whether it’s spotting incidents on highways or analyzing crowd demographics, our VMS empowers you with data for smarter, cost-effective decision-making. It’s not just about surveillance; it’s about transforming video into valuable and actionable intelligence.
      Cost-effective surveillance solutions
      Redefine your security spends and resources with our VMS. Optimize your transportation surveillance and transport security systems for significant cost savings. Our wireless and mobile solutions offer expansive coverage without the hefty price tag. Increase camera capacity per server for a leaner, more efficient system. Lower maintenance and operational costs are just the beginning – experience a powerful security setup that’s easy on your budget.
      “Situational awareness for our team and our airfield clients allows us to be as secure and efficient as possible with our small group. The flexibility of the open platform Milestone software lets us scale our system and add the features we need now and in the future.” 

      Andrew Wells, IT Manager for the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC)

      Get the Milestone advantage
      Rely on Milestone video technology, with solutions proven in 500,000+ customer sites and 25 years of experience in the industry.
      Global partner network
      Access the expertise and support of our 11,000+ resellers and integrators worldwide.
      Open platform
      Get a totally configurable solution with the near-limitless possibilities of our open-platform software.
      Future-proof investment
      Add and remove devices as your needs evolve with our simple per-device license model.

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