How upgrading to customizable video secured Utah cities for new business

July 07, 2021
When the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) decided to expand their rail lines in 2013, they knew that their surveillance systems would need a major upgrade to keep both passengers and property safe and secure. An open platform video management software (VMS) solution and flexible storage proved to be the clear choice to efficiently support a growing public transit system as new business opportunities came to the region.
Salt Lake Valley, Park City, Provo, and Brigham City, Utah
Camera count
1000+ from Axis Communications, Panasonic, IQeye, DW®
Milestone product
HP Servers


Stone Security
Challenge: Safe Public Transit Sets the Stage
Local leaders know that a top-notch public transit system makes a region more desirable to relocating businesses. And while accessibility is foremost, security is of immense importance, with passengers placing a premium on safe transportation. In 2014, the UTA was building a new transit line and eager to display an improved surveillance system to state dignitaries. Their video security system needed upgrading from one that was limited by the capacities of its servers, to accommodate a 500-camera expansion. The right choice was a VMS that was much more flexible and efficient.
Solution: Centralized expansion is on track
  • Milestone XProtect® VMS platform
  • Network cameras from Axis, Panasonic, IQeye and DW®
  • HP servers from BCDVideo
  • Implementation by Diamond Partner Stone Security
  • Flexible software design to further expand the system

Milestone VMS supports many different kinds of cameras and allows more devices on platforms while centralizing the control system. The security camera views are accessible by dispatch, commuter, rail control centers and other authorized users.

The 1000+ camera system as of 2015 operated with nine HP servers (eight for recording and one for management). With this system in place, UTA could expand to 2,000 cameras or more.

Result: Staying ahead and following up
Milestone marries two critical components: a centralized system and a lot of diversity in its deployment. The open platform provides a best-of-breed software integration model and ensures that UTA isn’t tied to any one technology, accommodating future growth.

The significant improvement in video quality made it easier to monitor and investigate any adverse events. The system function called Evidence Lock allows extension of the retention time for video recordings from selected cameras. And the encrypted video footage has authenticated time stamps, which is useful when exporting video to be presented in court.
Costs saved thanks to damage control
The use of Milestone technology had a positive financial impact for UTA. Gate arms at rail crossings frequently get damaged or broken off by motor vehicles. Prior to the Milestone installation, these costly incidents would often go unresolved. The new camera deployments helped police to follow up on incidents and even recoup damages.

UTA equipped its system with monitoring alarms in 19 locations, mostly in remote buildings that require navigating through difficult terrain. The Milestone VMS lets staff check the alarm by accessing the video remotely, saving time and money.

The system has also been used to prevent serious incidents. When a driver failed to report his truck stalled on a train track, the incident was observed in the VMS by a UTA technician who notified rail authorities. In that instance, Milestone helped avert a serious and potentially life-threatening accident.
Milestone has saved us tens of thousands of dollars by allowing us to better monitor and investigate transit incidents and accidents.
Video Security Administrator, UTA
About Utah Transit Authority (UTA)
The UTA services Salt Lake Valley, Park City, Provo and Brigham City with transportation modes consisting of fixed route buses, commuter rail trains, light rail trains, paratransit buses and vanpool services (rideshare).
  • Passengers: 120,000/day
  • Commuter rail: 90 miles
  • Light rail: 50 miles
About Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 150,000 sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in the Canon Group.

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