Smoke and fire detection
Protect people and property with video management software and other video technology.
Streamline health and safety
Situational awareness
Assess fires to determine appropriate response.
Initiate emergency response
Use analytics to automatically contact emergency services.
Investigate fires
Improve processes based on archived video footage.
Detect smoke and fire with the latest hardware and analytics
Integrating smoke and fire detection with your video management software (VMS) can help your organization prevent loss of life and property damage. You can integrate two types of smoke/fire detection devices to your VMS — a smoke/heat sensor or a camera that uses analytics to detect smoke or flames based on visual behavior. Each hardware choice has its own pros and cons, but the choice to integrate the technology with your VMS has many benefits.

When a traditional smoke/heat sensor is used with your VMS, you will be able to immediately establish situational awareness in order to decide what your response should be. You can also program automatic responses, such as alerts/notifications for the VMS operator and emergency services. This is also true when you use a camera that detects smoke or fire with your VMS, but the added benefit with this choice of detection device is that you can save time as a camera will be able to identify smoke or fire before the smoke/heat has reached it.

Using video technology and a VMS in conjunction with your choice of smoke and fire detection is also beneficial because of video archiving. Reviewing past footage can help you to diagnose fires and identify problems in order to make adjustments that could improve your health and safety procedures.
Frequently asked questions
Commonly asked questions and answers about smoke and fire detection.

What are the two types of smoke detection technologies?

The two types of smoke detection technologies are ionizing smoke detectors and photoelectric smoke detectors. Ionization smoke detectors detect disruptions in ion flow due to smoke, which makes them best for detecting flaming fires. Photoelectric smoke detectors use light to detect smoke, which makes them best for smoldering fires. There are also combination detectors which combine both types of technologies.

Can you use cameras to detect smoke or fires?

Yes, some cameras have built-in analytics that allows them to recognize the visual behavior of smoke and fires. This can be useful for outdoor applications where traditional smoke detectors can’t be used. They are also ideal for large spaces with high ceilings where smoke or heat would take long to reach smoke detectors in order to trigger them.

Do smoke detectors detect carbon monoxide?

No, smoke detectors don’t typically detect carbon monoxide, even though it can be present in smoke. There are, however, some detectors that can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide gas, thus providing enhanced safety by being able to alert to both hazards.

Can smoke detectors detect vape?

No, traditionally, smoke detectors are not able to detect vape, but there are other sensors that you can invest in that do address vaping, such as HALO Smart Sensors. These sensors can also be integrated with your VMS and are especially useful for educational institutions that would like to enforce their no-vaping policies.

Do fire alarms detect steam?

Smoke detectors should not be detecting steam, as they are only designed to recognize smoke particles and other products of combustion. Steam should therefore not trigger fire alarms unless there are other particles or substances present in the steam. 

Do smoke detectors detect gas leaks?

No, smoke detectors cannot detect gas leaks. In order to detect gas, you will need a gas detector that is specifically designed to respond to gasses such as carbon monoxide, natural gas, propane, etc.

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