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See and do more with video security
With physical and cyber security threats on the rise, it’s more important than ever to level up your business security systems. Milestone XProtect video management software (VMS) connects your cameras, sensors, analytics, and sites in one easy-to-manage interface. You can customize a more future-proof, resilient, and data-safe security environment that lets you see and do more.
Design the best security system for your current and future needs with the choice of 14,000+ cameras and sensors and 1,000+ applications.
Ensure the IT and security teams can perform at their best through centralized operations, full situational awareness, and easier collaboration.
Keep your business running reliably with continual updates and the highest levels of cybersecurity, data safety, and compliance.
Trusted in 500,000+ customer sites worldwide
Future-proof your security systems with the market’s most open and scalable video management software platform. Watch the video to see the possibilities.

How you can protect what matters

XProtect offers the following features, capabilities and extensions, all connected and accessible in one easy-to-use interface.
Milestone Interconnect 

Gain direct live viewing and playback capabilities from remote site cameras to your central site, enhancing control and simplifying operations. 
  • Watch live and review recorded footage from any location within your network of servers with XProtect 
  • Scale your security with central management of local servers and cameras 
  • Lower cost of ownership by minimizing on-site visits, eliminating local system maintenance, and reducing the need for local personnel training
Federated Architecture
Bring together various systems into one central hub ensuring connectivity for larger domains using XProtect Corporate/Expert. Connect and control video and audio across multiple sites, regardless of the remote systems in use. 
  • Bring together different sites better visibility and control 
  • Access security systems outside of your network under one domain, regardless of location 
  • Scale effectively, ensuring clarity and connectivity for larger sites using different VMS systems 
      Extensions, apps, and advanced analytics
      Enhance and update your security capabilities with powerful integrations that work seamlessly with XProtect. 
      • 1,000+ third-party applications let you customize your security system for your specific needs 
      • Access Control integration ensures secure and efficient management of entry points 
      • License Plate Recognition aids in quick and accurate vehicle identification and tracking 
      Centralized management
      Streamline your operations with a unified approach, effortlessly managing installations across various sites or servers from one central hub. 
      • Streamline server management across various locations 
      • Access both live and recorded video from all sites directly through the central hub
      • Cut down on operational costs 
        System monitoring
        Oversee servers, storage, cameras, and the VMS itself, ensuring reliability and optimal use of network resources. 
        • Holistic system monitoring is made easy 
        • Ensure stable and reliable operation 
        • Quickly identify and locate issues to minimize downtime 
          Smart Map
          Smart Map enables security operators to see the whole picture across all sites with instant access to any camera and sensors, all connected with precise geo-location. 
          • Enable smooth geo-navigation across locations, accessing detailed information on buildings, streets, and security devices 
          • Enable operators to toggle live data and adjust information layers as needed 
          • Enhance teamwork with shared views, as Smart Map integrates with XP Smart Wall for a comprehensive perspective 
              Alarm Manager
              The Alarm Manager in XProtect Smart Client centralizes the management of all internal and external alarms, streamlining your security operations. 
              • Gain an instant overview of potential security threats 
              • Access alarm instructions and map positions directly for quick and informed responses 
              • Handle alarms systematically with clear instructions and thorough logging
                  Centralized Search
                  Simplify your security searches by quickly finding footage across all cameras and sensors in one place. 
                  • Search for alarms, human motion, events, bookmarks, and metadata within your chosen timeframes 
                  • Choose cameras and sensors to focus your search exactly where it matters 
                  • See results instantly to pinpoint events that require further attention 
                    Video Push
                    Enhance real-time awareness by enabling guards to stream live video and audio from their mobile devices using XProtect Mobile directly into your XProtect system. 
                    • Stream from anywhere, keeping your team informed with live video feeds 
                    • Record on the go, capturing video evidence from different angles (as compared to fixed cameras) for later review 
                    • Integrate audio for a complete context to the video footage 
                      Evidence Lock
                      Protect specific video sequences, audio, and metadata from tampering or deletion, whether accidental or deliberate, and restrict access to authorized users only. 
                      • Be confident about the integrity of video evidence presented in court 
                      • Get protection against tampering, accidental deletions, and unauthorized access 
                      • Safeguard the chain of custody, ensuring the validity of evidence 
                          Get the highest cybersecurity protection against external and internal security threats – without compromising on flexibility or usability. 
                          • Ensure network safety through physical separation of camera and client networks, coupled with encryption and password protection of video assets 
                          • Implement controlled access with strict, time-managed user rights, for uncompromised security 
                          • Secure third-party integrations that are authenticated and authorized by the Milestone Integration Platform SDK (MIP SDK) 
                            Protect your operations against data breaches and the consequences that can come with failure to comply with evolving privacy regulations. 
                            • Avoid fines and protect your reputation by adhering to evolving compliance regulations 
                            • Helps you become fully GDPR compliant so you can ensure your personal data is securely managed  
                            • Meets FIPS 140-2 standards, employing strong encryption to safeguard sensitive information
                                XProtect Management Server Failover
                                Safeguards against hardware and software failures and human errors, ensuring operators have continuous access to live video, playback, and system configurations. 
                                • Failover made simple with real-time, zero data loss replication for absolute continuity 
                                • Seamlessly transition to a backup server without missing a beat 
                                • High system availability with automatic failover and failback 
                                    Milestone Care™: Software support & upgrades
                                    Milestone Care is a complete maintenance and support program ensuring your product performs at its best throughout its lifecycle, maximizing your investment.  
                                    • 24/7 Milestone Technical Support in your preferred language, with guaranteed response times 
                                    • Yearly updates to keep your software up to date with the latest features 
                                    • Full credit on upgrades to boost your security system 
                                    Select the best variant for your operational needs

                                    XProtect has five variants that cater to everything from small-scale, single-site business needs to multi-site critical infrastructure.


                                    Free entry-level video management software for low-security sites.

                                    Up to 8 cameras & single site
                                    Map function
                                    Failover & redundancy
                                    Centralized management
                                    Evidence management

                                    For small businesses requiring basic security and alarm management.

                                    Up to 48 cameras & single site
                                    Map function
                                    Failover & redundancy
                                    Centralized management
                                    Evidence management

                                    For mid-sized installations needing to quickly respond to incidents.

                                    Unrestricted cameras & multiple sites
                                    Map function
                                    Failover & redundancy
                                    Centralized management
                                    Evidence management

                                    For mid-to large-sized installations that require end-to-end video integrity.

                                    Unrestricted devices & multiple sites
                                    Smart Map function option
                                    Failover & redundancy
                                    Centralized management
                                    Evidence management
                                    Most advanced

                                    For critical installations demanding uninterrupted video access.

                                    Unrestricted devices & multiple sites
                                    Smart Map function
                                    Failover & redundancy
                                    Centralized management
                                    Evidence management
                                    "The software gets better and better every time it is updated – as if developers knew in advance what the user needed. It is a very manageable and intuitive system."
                                    Péter Seftsik, Security Manager, Güntner-Tata Kft.

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