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Milestone product index

Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) products

XProtect Essential+

Free entry-level software perfect for small single-site installations.

XProtect Express*

Designed for smaller, single site installations that require integration to other systems.

XProtect Express+

The perfect match for smaller, single site businesses that require full alarm management.

XProtect Professional*

Perfect for mid-size businesses that require a complete visual overview of the installation.

XProtect Professional+

Designed for mid-size installations that require central management of all servers, cameras and users.

XProtect Expert

Ideal for mid-size to large installations that require uninterrupted video recording.

XProtect Corporate

Designed for large-scale and high-security installations that require 24/7 operations.

*XProtect Express and XProtect Professional will enter maintenance mode in June 2019, after their final versions are released. Click here for more information.

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XProtect software key features

XProtect VMS Products / Versions XProtect Essential
XProtect Express
XProtect Express
XProtect Professional
XProtect Professional
XProtect Expert
XProtect Corporate
Key features  2019 R1 2019 R1 2019 R1 2019 R1 2019 R1 2019 R1 2019 R1
Type of deployment Single-server Single-server Single-server  Multi-server Centrally managed, multi-server Centrally managed, multi-server Centrally managed, distributed sites
Licensing Free Perpetual Perpetual  Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual Perpetual
Number of hardware devices(1) per software license  8 48 48  Unrestricted(2) Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Number of cameras(3) per recording server 8 48 48 320 Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Number of recording servers per system 1 1 1 Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Maximum numbers of users Unrestricted 5 Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
Customer Dashboard and Connected Services(4) - Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported Supported
Alarm Manager - Yes(5) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video out via Milestone ONVIF Bridge - Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dual authorization (Smart Client users) - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports XProtect Smart Client, XProtect Web Client and XProtect Mobile Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Secure HTTPS camera connectivity (on supported devices) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Map function Yes Yes(6) Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Third-party application integration and support for video analytics(7) Yes Yes Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD) with Auto adjustable VMS sensitivity Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-4, MPEG 4 ASP & MxPEG Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
H.265 Yes - Yes  - Yes Yes Yes
Microsoft Active Directory support Yes - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kerberos authentication Yes - Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Metadata support Yes - Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Centralized management Yes - Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Flexible event rule engine Yes - Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Hardware accelerated video decoding for Video Motion Detection (Quick sync) Yes - Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Hardware accelerated video decoding for Video Motion Detection (NVIDIA)  -  -  -  -  Yes Yes 
Edge Storage and Scalable Video Quality Recording - - - - Yes Yes Yes
Smart Map function - - - - - Yes Yes
Media database encryption and digital signing - - - - - Yes Yes
Hot- & cold-failover recording server - - - - Yes Yes
Evidence lock - - - - - - Yes
Supports XProtect Smart Wall - - - - - Option Included
Milestone Federated Architecture™ - - - - - Remote site Central/ Remote site
Milestone Interconnect™ - Remote site Remote site Remote site Remote site Remote site Central/ Remote site
*XProtect Express and XProtect Professional will enter maintenance mode in June 2019, after their final versions are released. Click here for more information.
(1) A hardware devices is the physical unit, server or system connected to the VMS’ recording server
(2) For most installations larger than 250 cameras, Milestone recommends using XProtect Professional+, XProtect Expert or XProtect Corporate
(3) A camera is the actual camera or video source on the hardware device connected to the VMS’ recording server
(4) Requires active Milestone Care Plus coverage
(5) Limited alarm management functionality
(6) Supports a single-layer, interactive map, without alarm integration
(7) Using Milestone Integration Platform (MIP)

XProtect Product Comparison Chart

See the full product comparison chart and find the best solution for you.

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Milestone Husky NVRs

Milestone Husky M20

A standalone and rack-mountable network video recorder (NVR) designed for small to mid-sized installations.

Milestone Husky M50

A premium, rack-mounted unit with advanced XProtect VMS for greater performance and storage capacity.

Milestone Husky M500 Advanced

Ideal for complex, multi-site surveillance installations.

Milestone Husky M550 Advanced

The industry’s highest performing network video recorder for the 10GbE NVR server class segment.

Milestone Husky X2

Everything needed to start right, for the small- to mid-market.

Milestone Husky X8

Designed to provide extreme reliability with component, storage and application redundancy, for the high-end market.

Milestone XProtect client products

XProtect Smart Client

A powerful, easy-to-use client application for the daily operations of security installations. 

XProtect Web Client

An intuitive, efficient web-based interface for viewing, playing back and sharing video.

XProtect Mobile

A free viewing client app for smartphones and tablets for all Milestone products.

Milestone XProtect add-on products

XProtect Smart Wall

Displays all video data in an installation and gives a complete overview of large surveillance centers.

XProtect LPR

License plate recognition - Helps automate and optimize tasks through automatic vehicle detection.

XProtect Retail

An investigation tool to optimize store operations by identifying fraud and reducing shrinkage. 

XProtect Access

Unites access control and video for monitoring and controlling access. 

XProtect Transact

Helps retailers identify problems involving POS systems and ATMs, reducing shrinkage and fraud. 

XProtect Screen Recorder

Provides inconspicuous screen recordings of any Windows PC or point-of-sale terminal.

XProtect Utilities

Install our free supplementary software components designed to help users easily maintain their Milestone system

Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit

Milestone Interconnect

A cost-efficient and flexible way to gain centralized surveillance across geographically dispersed sites. 

MIP SDK 2016

A comprehensive tool that makes it easy to create applications for Milestone XProtect VMS.

Services for Milestone products

Milestone Care

A complete suite of operational maintenance and support
services for organizations using Milestone surveillance 
products. It is designed as a supplement to the support 
offered through Milestone’s highly qualified network 
of resellers and system integrators 
Read more

Learning and Performance

A series of interactive, self-paced 
eLearning modules and classroom 
trainings designed to educate 
Milestone partners and end-users in 
the use of our product offerings
Read more

Professional Services 

A portfolio of system deployment and optimization 
services designed to unlock the full potential of Milestone 
installations and optimize system performance for 
a problem-free and stable operation
Read more 

Custom Development

Draw upon Milestone’s experienced 
consultants to develop, install and 
support tailor-made integrated solutions 
using the Milestone Integration Platform
Read more