How flexible VMS keeps cosmetics production absolutely flawless

November 20, 2020
Make-up manufacturer Art Cosmetics is using an innovative video surveillance solution to ensure growth and competitiveness and secure its 10 sites in Italy’s Bergamo province.


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Challenge: Help keep an eye on big volume of small things

Cosmetic manufacturer Art Cosmetics handles approximately 11,000,000 pounds of goods per year. And because of their small size, the products are quite vulnerable to theft and resale on the black market. Over the years, security has become a critical element of manufacturing and storage, with a need that goes well beyond the basic features offered by ordinary surveillance options. The company decided that their legacy video monitoring system could no longer meet the needs of their manufacturing.


Acting on the expert advice of its partner, Just It, who supported Art Cosmetics in the analysis and commissioning of a new system in 2020, prioritized an open platform solution. The search for a system that was user friendly and supported the need to expand the system in the future concluded with choosing to install Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS).

Solution: Constant control
  • Milestone XProtect Corporate VMS
  • Monitoring supported by smartphones or tablets
  • Flexibility to expand the system with future integrations

Based on an analysis of the company’s requirements, 240 video cameras were installed and configured to be managed through Milestone’s open platform VMS, XProtect Corporate. The system was designed to be constantly monitored from the control stations of the two partner security firms or, if necessary, from assigned user smartphones and tablets.

Result: Security today, expandable tomorrow

Since the system was implemented, Art Cosmetics has been pleased that the VMS delivers high performance with equally intuitive operation. The two external security firms are responsible for system management and monitoring all images captured from the video cameras. The user-friendly system enables prompt intervention in the event of a security breach or incident.


It didn’t take long for Art Cosmetics to discover the system’s potential beyond traditional video surveillance. The company is also using the system for number plate control and monitoring shipments. Incoming trucks are recorded, both before products are picked up and after they are loaded.


At the request of their clients, Art Cosmetics can see the products throughout the transfer process and document the condition and quantity of the products at the time they leave the facilities. This can prevent considerable losses in terms of time and money. For example, if goods show damages upon delivery, the system provides the manufacturer proof if they were not responsible. If products are accidentally loaded onto the wrong truck, they can be tracked down quickly.


The company is testing other ideas, including the integration of fire safety, access control and an intrusion detection system. In the near future, trash compactor machinery will be installed and integrated to certify that the disposal of production waste is in compliance with environmental regulations, which is good for everyone.

Milestone was selected not only because of its ability to manage a large number of video cameras, but because its software is extremely user friendly. They’re a very reliable partner in terms of support to the staff that’s operating the video surveillance system.

Giorgio Gerli, Chief Information Security Officer of Art Cosmetics.
About Art Cosmetics
Established in 1990, Art Cosmetics is based in Italy and has a leading international position within the manufacturing of make-up products for major industry brands. Recently, Art Cosmetics also opened new sales branches in America and Asia.
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