Milestone video tech drives security and safety in multi-site auto parts production facilities

June 07, 2024

Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS) has been installed to safeguard one of India’s leading auto parts makers. The site in Pune is the technology and engineering arm supporting R&D, manufacturing and export of automotive elements, and it is the leading chassis component producer in the world. They also cater to power, oil & gas, aerospace, marine, railway, mining and construction industries, including domestic defense and the global commercial aviation sector.

As one of the world's largest manufacturing companies, the parent company also has ten locations in India, Germany, Sweden, France and North America. There are two R&D centers in Pune, in addition to six other factories located across India. This involves more than 50 years of experience in producing a wide range of high-performance and critical safety components - and they need to protect their assets.

World-leading auto parts manufacturer
10 sites in India, more in France, Germany, Sweden, N. America
Device count, brands
675+ mixed camera brands and models
Milestone technology
XProtect® Expert VMS
Access Control, Analytics
Subsidiary resources
Challenge: 86 acres meant 10 cameras grew to over 675

The partnership between Milestone Systems and this manufacturing company began in 2008, prompted by a major national security catastrophe in Mumbai. The pressing need was to monitor all their facilities with just one solution.

The project was first implemented in the Pune campus, which is around 86 acres and needed a 24x7 state-of-the-art security and surveillance system. The initial installation started with 10 cameras, and today the numbers count 675+ across all the locations.  Over 200 devices are solely focused on managing security purposes; the rest are largely used for optimizing process and product monitoring.

One of the main reasons behind opting for Milestone video technology was its open platform architecture, which manages the widest choice in hardware equipment brands and can be merged seamlessly into an efficient, centralized software interface. The sheer expanse of the manufacturing facilities demanded an integrated, dependable system to support and record high resolution video, as well as provide real-time feeds that can be monitored remotely from anywhere.

With an increasing number of cameras across its locations, the manufacturing company wanted to bring in additional layers of analysis to improve the process of sorting through all the data generated. This would not only secure their business and assets but also ensure the daily safety of their employees and visitors - and in case of emergencies.

“With Milestone System’s video management software, we’re able to monitor manufacturing processes remotely in real time. Milestone’s VMS has also made access and monitoring more organized under one platform. Despite the growing number of cameras, the open system remains reliably stable and demonstrates strong scalability. I am assured that we are future proofing our operations when we expand further, with Milestone installed.“
- Senior IT Manager at Maharashtra production site in India
Solution: No more guards had to be hired in the last decade.

With the integration of Milestone’s open VMS platform, cameras of multiple brands have been connected under a single solution. This saved the manufacturer a hefty sum, instead of investing in different software for the various cameras. In addition, the XProtect open architecture allows for future developments through easy integration of new technology innovations.

As of 2024, five manufacturing locations of this customer have been successfully secured using Milestone XProtect VMS, including seven recording servers, with plans to add an additional server.

“The sheer size of our plants requires simplifying operations and improving management efficiency through visual means. Using the Milestone XProtect Mobile app, we can readily access the video live stream remotely. By installing high-definition cameras, we’ve avoided the need to hire additional personnel over the past decade. This has not only saved on costs but also increased reliability and productivity in a smart way.“
- Senior IT Manager at Maharashtra production site in India

With an integrated Access Control System (ACS) and perimeter video analytics for additional security, they have been able to respond swiftly to any form of emergencies or crises over the years. The company has ambitious plans to diversify into segments such as e-mobility, light weighting and turbo-machinery. They also plan to increase the VMS installations in their new plants.

Result: Numerous locations are controlled efficiently as one.

For manufacturing plants of this scale, safety is of utmost priority. Quick turnaround time for disaster management and the reliable storage of data are crucial for optimizing operations. Having video footage with high enough resolution to be useful as evidence is a must to debunk false claims or liability in the event of any incident.

In addition, the company has been able to proactively detect incidents that could have potentially delayed the manufacturing process. They successfully prevented them in time to meet their professional commitments. The staff can now work remotely with an environment of security protecting them, knowing constant vigilance is being maintained to ensure their safety.

“Our plants now have ‘safety sentinels’ with modern cameras installed inside heavy machinery where humans cannot safely go. When it comes to servers and video storage, Milestone’s open and flexible VMS has been able to meet the ever-expanding challenges of multi-site manufacturing, with minimum system downtime.”
- Senior IT Manager at Maharashtra production site in India
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