Milestone Kite™ reaches new heights with Camera to Cloud  

December 13, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Milestone Kite Camera to Cloud is here a new deployment option that adds even more flexibility and choice to Milestone Kite, our cloud security software. 

Since its launch in January 2023, Milestone Kite — our cloud video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) software — has offered organizations hassle-free and scalable cloud based video surveillance.

It's designed so anyone can configure and install the Gateway hardware and connect it to the cloud — enabling cloud storage for security cameras with minimal effort and regardless of IT skills.

Now, we’ve taken Milestone Kite one step further and launched a new deployment option that bypasses the need for Gateway hardware: Camera to Cloud.

The new Camera to Cloud deployment option is ideal for situations where onsite Gateway hardware is impractical, or where customers are looking to reduce their installation and maintenance costs.

How does it work?

With Camera to Cloud, all computing, recording and video storage takes place on your cloud cameras, which connect directly to the Milestone Kite cloud. This makes Milestone Kite even faster to set up, with lower costs and even less IT effort.  

So besides freeing up bandwidth — there’s no need for Gateway hardware or the cost and effort of installing or servicing it. 

It’s a simple way to expand your existing Milestone Kite Gateway solution — or to set up new, small sites.  

Camera to Cloud is ideal for sites where a gateway is impractical.

What’s more, Milestone Kite Camera to Cloud works with a series of Axis cameras that are all pre-installed with AI-based Axis Object Analytics — so you can still take advantage of the advanced analytics capabilities while simplifying your video security even further.   


An ideal solution for different scenarios  
Camera to Cloud is the ideal deployment option for:  

  • Companies with multiple locations with low camera counts per site.
  • Companies with limited IT resources and skills, bandwidth concerns, or where on-site Gateway hardware is impractical.  
  • Greenfield projects or new satellite sites.
  • Where a fast and easy set-up is needed – whether temporary or permanent. 

“This combination of simplicity and cost-efficiency makes Kite Camera to Cloud a highly practical choice for organizations with smaller or newly built locations, or simply those situations an onsite gateway would be impractical,” says Jesper Just Jensen, VP Products, at Milestone Systems.  

With the new direct to cloud deployment option, companies can now choose between Gateway hardware and Camera to Cloud — or use a combination of both. That means you can adapt Microsoft Kite to suit your budget and bandwidth.  

Already a Milestone Kite customer? Companies already using Milestone Kite with Gateway hardware can easily expand to new sites with Camera to Cloud.  The new installations will be instantly recognized and managed under the same Milestone Kite account. 

The simple way to secure your business

Milestone Kite was originally announced at our Milestone Partner Summit (MIPS) in October 2022 as the simple, secure, and scalable cloud video security choice for small, medium-sized and multi-site businesses. 

With the new Camera to Cloud offering, there’s now even more to choose from – and the opportunity to further save on costs and bandwidth.  

See how Milestone Kite can take care of security for your business 


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