Enhance safety and security while building community trust
Keep your streets and roads safe and strengthen community ties with proven video technology.
Be proactive with data-driven policing
Residents depend on their local city police departments to ensure safety while upholding public trust. Milestone's XProtect® video management software (VMS) allows city police to tailor data-driven video technology solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing operations. Its open platform helps optimize resources so you can do more with less and employ analytics for proactive policing.

XProtect is GDPR and FIPS compliant, so privacy is not an issue, and it is already proven in city police departments around the world.
Watch our video technology in action
Discover how law enforcement can prioritize the safety of residents while building stronger community ties. Watch the video to learn more.

One VMS meets multiple needs

Fight crime, increase safety

Identify threats, fight crime, keep city residents safe and road traffic flowing smoothly.

Optimize your resources

Do more with less by making every officer more effective with data-driven video technology.

Streamline operations

Seamlessly share data for better interagency collaboration and make operations more efficient.

Build community trust

Show commitment to empathetic community policing, increase public trust and engagement.

How it works
Explore how we can help keep residents safe and strengthen community ties. Click on the yellow dots for more information.
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Detect incidents on roads
Efficiently manage city traffic with XProtect's advanced analytics integrations for swift detection and response to accidents and obstructions for smoother traffic and safer roads.
Enhance collaboration with secure evidence sharing 
Quickly and securely share critical video evidence with XProtect and integration for swift, collaborative crime-solving.
Get GPS locations of static/moving devices on a map in real time
Manage your entire city’s cameras with XProtect Smart Map, and track moving devices with seamlessly integrated map services.
Access other Milestone installations for extra coverage
Instantly access video from multiple Milestone installations for comprehensive coverage that ensures swift, collaborative responses, with XProtect.
Make better-informed decisions with dashboard insights
Optimize resource planning and response with dashboard insights integrated directly into XProtect. Real-time data analytics enable smarter, more efficient decision-making in policing operations.
Expedite forensic search with advanced video analytics
Streamline investigations with XProtect Rapid REVIEW’s Video Synopsis tool. Search through hours of footage in minutes to pinpoint key evidence.
Track vehicles of interest with License Plate Recognition (LPR)
Swiftly locate vehicles of interest using XProtect LPR’s real-time alerts and detailed reporting, ensuring quick and effective action.
Livestream video from body-worn cameras in real-time
Gain insights, coordinate responses, and uphold accountability with real-time body-cam integration in XProtect, turning critical moments into actionable evidence.
Elevate coverage with drone footage
Maximize situational awareness with integrated drone and ground camera feeds in XProtect that offers real-time video for efficient, responsive urban policing.
Add temporary cameras for enhanced monitoring
Quickly deploy extra cameras with XProtect for real-time surveillance at public events or covert operations to meet your policing needs. 

Meet your city policing challenges with proven video technology

Secure evidence sharing
Expand camera coverage
GPS enabled maps
Real-time analytics
Forensic search
Secure evidence sharing for better collaboration
With crimes like drug-trafficking or kidnappings, collaboration across local and federal agencies is key. Sharing critical video evidence effectively can make or break a case. XProtect and Incident Manager simplify the secure storage and management of evidence.

Integration with platforms like significantly enhances this capability. With, video evidence is distributed quickly and securely, ensuring only the right people have access to it. Plus, strict encryption and cybersecurity protocols ensures the integrity and authenticity of the evidence. Cases can be solved faster, bringing peace of mind to communities and justice to those affected.
Livestream video from body-worn cameras
During a tense protest march, angry demonstrators fill the streets. Tensions rise and a fight breaks out between protestors and the police. An officer's body-worn camera captures footage of a troublemaker inciting violence. This video is livestreamed in real time, directly into the system thanks to seamless integration with XProtect. The offender is identified as the ringleader within moments and swiftly apprehended.

This capability provides valuable insights for decision-making and irrefutable evidence for legal proceedings. Moreover, footage from body-worn cameras serves as a constant reminder to officers about the importance of following protocols to ensure accountability.
See device’s GPS location on a map in real time
Manage your city's static and moving cameras, sensors, and devices all in one place. Multi-layered map services seamlessly integrated with XProtect pinpoint each device, making it easy to maintain situational awareness. Alarms pop up on the map, providing immediate access to live or recorded footage for quick response. Navigation is straightforward, enhancing control room collaboration, especially when displayed on Milestone's Smart Wall. With XProtect and its integrated maps, coordinating large-scale security efforts becomes more efficient. You can dispatch officers based on proximity, tap into live video feeds based on device location, and arrive at the scene better informed and ready to act .
Detect incidents on roads in real time
Managing traffic in a city with a complex network of streets and roads is challenging, with issues like bottlenecks, accidents, and obstructions needing quick detection and response. Advanced video analytics seamlessly integrated directly into XProtect, can monitor city roads and promptly identify incidents. For instance , when an accident occurs, it’s detected instantly, and first responders are dispatched. Similarly, when an obstacle, an unusual object or a reckless driver is detected, authorities are immediately notified to take action to prevent accidents and keep traffic flowing. This proactive approach with XProtect ensures efficient traffic management and enhanced road safety.
Track vehicle of interest with LPR
Every minute matters when a vehicle's reported stolen. This is where XProtect License Plate Recognition (LPR), or one of our partner integrations , swing into action. As the vehicle passes by a camera, its smart algorithms identify it by its license plate, type, model, and color, even if it's traveling at high speeds. Say goodbye to hours spent sifting through video. With XProtect and video analytics you can search for any vehicle of interest by its attributes as well as by its license plate number. Armed with this evidence, you can track down and recover the stolen vehicle swiftly.
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Open platform
Get a totally configurable solution with the near-limitless possibilities of our open-platform software.
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