It’s time to say goodbye to XProtect® Express and XProtect® Professional



Why retire products?

Let’s face it. Even the most successful careers come to an end. To increase focus on solutions primed for the future, Milestone will retire XProtect Express and XProtect Professional by June 2024.

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What should you know

  • This is a gradual process, starting with a final release of the product in June 2019 and followed by a five-year maintenance mode period.
  • The final device pack will be released with the 2019 R2 release in June 2019. Most new devices will still be compatible with XProtect Express and XProtect Professional via our ONVIF drivers.


  • The products are available for new sale until June 2022 and for expansion until June 2024.
  • The products remain safe and well-functioning. Customers will continue to get security patches and bug fixes during the maintenance period if we detect a severe or catastrophic issue.
  •  We will continue to provide technical support for XProtect Express and XProtect Professional during the five-year maintenance mode period.


Your new (and improved!) solution

XProtect Express and XProtect Professional are great easy-to-use video surveillance software solutions. But as the pace of innovation accelerates,
it’s important to focus on products poised for the future.
XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+ are perfect candidates.

XProtect 220
Features of XProtect Express+ and Professional+

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The industry’s highest-performing recording server


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Efficient media handling


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Easy installation and management


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Powerful investigation tools


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IT security


How they stack up
Switching to XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+ means switching to solutions designed for the future. Here’s how they stack up
against their predecessors.
Feature XProtect Express XProtect Express+ XProtect Professional XProtect Professional+
1 Hardware accelerated video decoding for video motion detection (Quick Sync) - -
2 Centralized management - -
3 H.265 - -
4 Pre-recording buffer in RAM - -
5 Metadata support - -
6 Kerberos authentication - -
7 Flexible rule engine - -
8 Dual authorization Management Client - -
9 Configuration reports - -
10 Edge Storage - - -
11 Scalable Video Quality RecordingTM - - -
12 Manual bookmarking - - -

Want to learn how?

If you’re worried about switching over to a new product, fear not! We have tools that teach you what you need to know.

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eLearning course

Learn how to work with XProtect Express+ and XProtect Professional+.

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Get down to details

Our migration guide has step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your system.

Icon migration tool
Migration Assistant Tool

Makes it easier to migrate XProtect Express and Professional installations to XProtect Express+, Professional+, Expert or Corporate.

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