React to vehicles —and risk—as they arrive
Automatically track and respond to vehicles
Optimize your security with software that instantly identifies greenlit or blacklisted vehicles, triggering the relevant action within your security system. Milestone XProtect® License Plate Recognition (LPR) identifies license plate information from pre-defined lists and pairs it with corresponding video stored in XProtect and Milestone Husky IVO™ video surveillance appliances. With optimized recognition algorithms for 200+ countries and states around the world, you can automatically identify flagged, approved or suspicious vehicles and initiate an automated action such as enter or deny.
Manage parking subscriptions faster
Reduce the costs and time spent managing parking subscriptions. Instead of issuing toll collection devices or radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to authorized vehicles, leverage XProtect LPR to automatically open a parking lot gate when a permitted license plate is identified.
Protect your premises and control access
Use XProtect LPR to automate access control to protected areas and premises. The software’s flexible, user-defined match lists make it easy to greenlight license plates belonging to visitors, temporary personnel and suppliers. When a pre-defined, approved license plate is identified, vehicles are automatically granted access.
Track suspicious vehicles
Every time a vehicle passes by a camera equipped with XProtect LPR, it’s registered in the system. Law enforcement can use this data to quickly generate reports revealing the movements of specific vehicles within a set timeframe — with video thumbnails included.
Prevent fuel theft at gas stations
XProtect LPR is an ideal solution for gasoline chains struggling with patrons who drive off without paying for their fuel. With “negative lists” and third-party integrations, your system can automatically close a gasoline pump if a blacklisted vehicle license plate is recognized at any station in the chain.

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Note: Husky X series NVRs are compatible with XProtect LPR, but subject to the specific XProtect VMS product being used.
Exact functionality of LPR is determined by the specific XProtect VMS product used and the specific access control product used.
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