XProtect® Interconnect

Centralize your video security setup

What is Milestone XProtect® Interconnect?
Designed to work seamlessly with Milestone XProtect, Milestone Interconnect is an XProtect extension which helps you gain a complete, centralized operational overview of multiple sites spread across different locations.

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How it works 

Streamline your sites

Connect all your locations and security cameras to one central operational site and get an instant overview of them in one place. With Interconnect, you can proactively monitor your video security in different places — with maximum efficiency and minimum complexity.

  • Central incident investigation and video exports
  • Cross-domain support — configure different systems in one place
  • View your cameras’ locations on the Smart Map

Optimize resources

Reap the resource benefits of one connected system by using central operational staff for instant viewing across all connected sites. Interconnect provides reduced network and storage configurations options, for optimized use of low- and high-quality recordings that reduces the need for large storage capacity.

  • Store video efficiently with Scalable Video Quality Recording (SVQR)
  • Optimize network use across locations
  • Control recordings bandwidth

Scale as you grow

Expand a single, smaller video system to span multiple geographical locations as needs increase, and use Interconnect to coordinate and centralize video security across those sites. Link individual cameras or whole sites to XProtect Corporate to access a complete overview of multiple, remote locations.

  • Hybrid — flexible storage architecture lets you store video on the edge or centrally
  • Unlimited interconnected edge sites

Get the Milestone advantage

Rely on Milestone video technology, with solutions proven in 500,000+ customer sites and 25 years of experience in the industry.

Global partner network
Access the expertise and support of our 11,000+ resellers and integrators worldwide.
Open platform
Get a totally configurable solution with the near-limitless possibilities of our open-platform software.
Future-proof investment
Add and remove devices as your needs evolve with our simple per-device license model.

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