Access control

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Access control is more than gates and locks. It’s about creating an integrated system of software, hardware, and services that keep people and property safe.

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Gain control over your property

Let technology be the eyes and ears of your operation with hardware and software that can truly prevent unwanted visitors. Whether it’s physical access control via locks and gates or virtual control via visitor management systems, the right combination of technology and hardware can keep your property safe.

Solutions include:
  • Environmental detection for detecting bacteria, chemicals, or other elements
  • Motion detection to detect people or animals
  • Sound detection and alarm systems to alert of fire, break-ins, or other disturbances
  • Visitor management to control access
  • Accident management to identify and prevent hazards

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Software & Hardware
StarWind HyperConverged Appliance for Video

Provided by StarWind Software Inc.

Airports,Healthcare,Information Technology,Manufacturing,Seaports,Traffic Monitoring

Access Control

Provided by Skyline Communications

Provide a personalized customer experience,Door hardware,Maintenance & Service Contracts,Access Control Systems,Audio/Visual Systems,IT Infrastructure

Seattle, King County, Issaquah, King County, Tacoma, Pierce County, Kent, King County, Everett, Snohomish County, Bellevue, King County, Puyallup, Pierce County, United States
Software & Hardware
ARD Access Control System

Provided by ARD

Barriers and 500+ readers in one systemgates,Critical Infrastructure,Education,Healthcare,Control access to restricted areas,Intrusion Systems


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