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Control access through doors

XProtect Mobile and XProtect Access

With XProtect Access and the XProtect Mobile app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can control access to doors. This includes responding to access requests, viewing video footage and the state of doors, and checking access control events.

Access requests

When you get an access request on your device, it may look like this:
Access request notification

Access requests let you:

  • View the state of the door, for example Closed, Locked
  • View live video and the video recorded when the cardholder tried to gain access
  • View the cardholder details, for example picture and authority level
  • Lock doors and grant access to cardholders by unlocking doors

Access requests are listed under Access requests for two minutes. Afterward, they appear only in the Events list.

Before you start (administrators)

To use the XProtect Mobile app for access control purposes, you need:

    • A Milestone Care Plus service agreement
    • Licenses required for using XProtect Access. This includes a base license and a door license for each door
      • An access control system that is configured and integrated with your VMS system
      • XProtect Corporate
      • XProtect Expert
      • XProtect Professional+
      • XProtect Express+
      • XProtect Essential+
    • If you are using one of the products listed below, you must configure the user profiles to enable access control - access requests are enabled by default (see Configure user profiles on server (administrators)):
      • XProtect Professional
      • XProtect Express
    • You must download the Milestone Mobile app from App Store℠ or Google Play and install it on your smartphone or tablet
    • In the XProtect Mobile app:
      • You must specify the server settings of the mobile server. See Connect your mobile device to a mobile server
      • In the server settings, you must enable access request notifications. See Turn on access request notifications in XProtect Mobile

Note: If you have enabled the Operator login required option (see General Settings tab (Access Control)), the access control system will not be available in XProtect Mobile client.

Configure user profiles on server (administrators)

You must enable certain user rights to ensure that users of XProtect Mobile client can use access control and can view and respond to access requests on their smartphones or tablets. Depending on your VMS system, the setup differs slightly.

In Management Client:

  1. Expand Security and select Roles.
  2. Select the role you want to modify.
  3. In Role Settings, click the Access Control tab.
  4. If not already selected, select these check boxes:
    • Use access control - required to view access control features in XProtect Mobile client
    • Receive notifications - required to receive access request as push notifications  
  5. For each required role, repeat the steps above.
  6. Save the changes.

In Management Application:

  1. Expand Advanced Configuration.
  2. Expand Users.
  3. Right-click Users and select Properties. A window appears.
  4. On the Access Control Management tab, make sure the Use access control check box is selected.
  5. Click OK.

Turn on access request notifications in XProtect Mobile (administrators)

In addition to the security settings on the server, you must also enable access request notifications in the server settings in XProtect Mobile. You must do this for all servers that the app is connected to.

  1. Open the XProtect Mobile app.
  2. In the list of servers, tap Edit button and then Edit.
  3. Enable the Receive notifications option. 
  4. Tap Notification Settings and enable Access requests.
  5. In the upper right corner, tap Save button to save the change.

Respond to access requests

When someone tries to enter a building by means of a door controller, and access is denied, an access request is sent to your app. Depending on your access control system, you can respond by, for example, unlocking the door to let the person enter.

  1. If you are using a VMS system that supports push notifications, open the access request from the notification bar. This example is from an Android tablet. It may look different on iOS.

  2. Open the app, and in the list of servers, tap the server you want to connect to.
    1. Tap the ACCESS CONTROL tab.
    2. Tap Access control drop-down and select Access requests.
    3. Tap an access request to open it.
      After opening the access request, you will see live video from the cameras at the door and details about the person who tries to enter.

      Note: After two minutes, access requests disappear from the list. You can find them in the Events list.
  3. To switch camera, swipe the live image to the left. If there are more than two, swipe several times.
  4. Now you can either LOCK or UNLOCK the door.
  5. To play back the video before or at the time the cardholder tried to enter:
    1. Tap the live image. The live video feed is displayed in a bigger view.
    2. Tap Play back video icon to switch to playback mode. In the changed view, you can still view live video at the top.


Investigate access control events

You may want to check who entered a building during the last hour, or who was denied access. Other examples of access control events are Door controller tampering and Door controller power failureSuch events are defined in the access control system.

Note: By default, all access control events from the last 30 days are displayed.

  1. Tap the ACCESS CONTROL tab.
  2. Tap Access control drop-down and select Events.
  3. If the event is not in the list, tap LOAD MORE at the bottom of the list to view more events.
  4. Tap an event to view details about it. For example, if the event is Access denied, details about the cardholder appear.
  5. To play back the video recorded at the time of the event, tap SEE CAMERA.
  6. To check the state of the door, or to lock or unlock it, tap VIEW DOOR.

View doors and take action

You can check the state of a door, for example Closed, Unlocked, and view live video or play back recorded video from the cameras monitoring the door.

Based on the state of the door, you can either lock or unlock it.

Note: Lock and Unlock are the standard options, but other commands may be defined in your access control system.

  1. Tap the ACCESS CONTROL tab.
  2. Tap Access control drop-down and select Doors. A list of doors appears.
  3. Tap the door you want to view.
  4. View video in live mode from the camera monitoring the door.
  5. If required, Lock or Unlock the door. The state of the door changes.
  6. To play back the video, tap the live image and then Play back video iconYou can see the video stream in live mode even when you are playback mode.



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