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XProtect® Go

Free version of XProtect software

XProtect Go is a free version of video surveillance software designed for small businesses.

XProtect Go is a free version of Milestone’s market-leading XProtect video management software (VMS) designed for small business installations. With a wide set of easy-to-use features, XProtect Go enables users to explore Milestone’s XProtect software and discover the true benefits of IP video and the Milestone open platform. It is a complete software package that comes with three different interfaces to view surveillance installations from PCs, most Internet-enabled computers and mobile devices. Seamless upgrade possibilities to the full-featured Milestone XProtect product line make XProtect Go a risk-free entry into a reliable and secure IP video surveillance solution.

Are you looking for the new free XProtect version?
We’ve got some great news for you. We’ve replaced XProtect Go with XProtect® Essential, the most feature-rich free VMS available on the market. Free XProtect Essential includes 8 camera licenses, unlimited retention time and an interactive map function.

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XProtect: Easy to install

Milestone has reinvented the process of installing, configuring and using an IP video solution. With automatic configuration wizards and camera detection, it is easy to get up and running quickly with XProtect.

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XProtect: Easy to use

Milestone continually strives to make XProtect VMS easy to use, so we offer three flexible ways for users to view surveillance: XProtect® Smart Client, Milestone Mobile and XProtect® Web Client. Depending on where you are and what features you need, you can choose the mobile device or computer you prefer to use and whether you want to access XProtect VMS on-site, off-site or on-the-go. And because all of our clients are free of charge, you can use all three or any combination of the clients based on your preferences.

Quick and easy to install

  • One-step installer: With one click, all necessary system information is automatically gathered, simplifying the installation process

  • Automatic configuration wizard: XProtect Go is easy to set up with a wizard that removes time delays and challenges during initial XProtect VMS deployment

  • Automatic camera discovery: Automatically detects and configures new cameras that are added to an existing system, enabling users to quickly expand their installation

Perfect for small businesses

  • Powered by XProtect Smart Client: XProtect Go features XProtect Smart Client, the same powerful interface for security operators and daily users that is found in premium products. It gives users access to live and recorded video, search capabilities and evidence export and is available in 27 languages

  • Small-scale solution: Supports up to eight cameras, one user and retains video for five days

  • Wide selection of cameras: XProtect Go supports more than 3,000 cameras, including many USB cameras and even your computer’s built-in web camera

IP video surveillance starts here

  • Additional clients: XProtect Go is also compatible with the simplified clients, Milestone Mobile and XProtect Web Client, giving you the ability to view your surveillance on all the most common smartphones, tablets and computers

  • Upgrade options: Similar features shared between XProtect Go and all other XProtect® products make it easy to upgrade to one of our premium products. For more information about XProtect products, see the product overview page

IP Cameras





Perimeter Devices

Enhance XProtect Go with a wide range of third-party hardware

XProtect Go works with the industry's widest choice of hardware for effective surveillance, including cameras, encoders, DVRs and joysticks.

Learn more about the Milestone ecosystem.

XProtect Smart Client

Feature-rich interface

XProtect Web Client

Web-based access

Milestone Mobile

On-the-go surveillance

Three powerful ways to view your XProtect Go system for free 

XProtect Go is easy to use with three free, flexible interfaces. XProtect  Smart Client is the daily client interface for control over the entire installation. XProtect  Web Client lets you view, play back and share video on web browsers and computers. Milestone Mobile is for viewing and controlling video from smartphones and tablets.

Useful information about XProtect Go

Here you can find brochures, specifications, videos and much more about XProtect Go.