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MIPS 2019: Unlocking innovation in an intelligent world

Milestone Systems will kick off Community Days 2019 (MIPS) in Nashville, Copenhagen and Bali, with more than 1,500 participants and input from leading industry professionals - all on the quest to explore the intelligent world of video technology.

Copenhagen, January 28, 2019 -
Milestone Systems, the global industry leader in open platform IP video management software, will host its annual industry event in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. Milestone Systems invites partners, customers and influencers to explore how disrupting innovation and blending human and machine intelligence is rapidly pushing the limits of the video technology industry. During MIPS 2019, Milestone Systems will take a deep dive into how the power of the platform economy is a game-changer for players building intelligent solutions in the video technology and security industry.

“Milestone Systems has had an open platform-approach since day one, enabling us and our partners to reach customers and scale the services and products we, as an industry, offer. But we can do so much more by innovating together and building intelligent solutions on aggregated data that is already available. Milestone Systems, as an orchestrator of the video technology platform, is making it easier to access, combine and integrate video solutions and add value to customers,” says Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Kenneth Hune Petersen, Milestone Systems.

Milestone Systems expands its community approach
During the MIPS event in Nashville, Milestone Systems will launch a new, global digital platform, Milestone Marketplace, which will dramatically increase the availability of community-created software applications, hardware, and services that integrators and installers use when designing intelligent customer solutions. Milestone Systems has high expectations to the network effect of its platform business model:

“With the launch of Milestone Marketplace, we help unleash the innovation power of our partners and make it easier for them to explore new business opportunities outside their existing partner network and customer base. Marketplace will support the co-creation of solutions, allowing our community to give the market’s best match to a variety of customer needs and expanding market reach,” says Kenneth Hune Petersen.

Unleashing innovation power
One of the technological innovations presented at MIPS 2019 is a new search framework, which will provide a coherent search experience for Smart Client operators. It enables operators to find video recordings and to extend search functionality using new data sources and customized visualization and easily retrieve metadata such as object type, size or color from video recordings. It provides one single place to search and discover video recordings, while making the recordings actionable for fast decision-making across a range of rich third-party applications.

Other highlights of MIPS 2019 include:
  • A presentation of updates to Milestone Systems’ XProtect video management software, performance improvements, security, privacy protection, encryption of data and other new functionalities
  • Overview of new additions to the MIP SDK (Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit used by community partners to build or extend functionality)
  • Insight into how computer vision and machine learning can provide automation within the platform
  • Insight into how Cloud and AI will bring new opportunities for Milestone Systems’ customers and partners

“We are very excited about MIPS 2019 and continuing our quest to explore the intelligent world. As a true market leader, our open platform enables our community of partners to pursue new opportunities in the market and create even better and more intelligent solutions,” says Kenneth Hune Petersen.

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When and where?
Americas: Nashville, February 25-27
EMEA: Copenhagen, March 25-27
APAC: Bali, April 2-5

For media inquiries, please contact
Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Americas
E-mail: cdp@milestonesys.com
Phone: + 1 (503) 719-3439

Anders Lund Rendtorff, Communications Manager, EMEA
E-mail: alr@milestone.dk
Phone: +45 25 52 93 83

Pernille Larsen, Communications Manager, Corporate & APAC
E-mail: pel@milestone.dk
Phone: +45 25 60 67 24

About Milestone Systems
Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 150,000 sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. For more information visit: www.milestonesys.com. For news and viewpoints visit our microsite,The Milestone Post. Click here for information on Trademarks.