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NetworkCameraReviews.com launches the first-ever Milestone web forum

New web forum is dedicated to sharing info on XProtect software, applications.

NetworkCameraReviews.com, a website that offers a complete online source for people to learn about IP network video products, now has the first-ever web forum solely dedicated to Milestone Systems, the world leader in open platform IP video surveillance software.

NetworkCameraReviews.com was created in 2005 and went live on the internet that March. Since then it has grown impressively, with user averages increasing daily to over 12,000 visitors per month just one year later. The website’s Search Engine Ranking has also improved proportionally: almost 70% of the sites users find it from searching Google, MSN and Yahoo.

This is not surprising, considering the amount of good information made available for the 350+ members who have signed up already: NetworkCameraReviews.com offers a wide listing of IP cameras with technical specifications and compatible software. Also available is a fully detailed IP Camera Comparison Guide to help people differentiate between each IP camera. Visitors have the ability to view ratings and reviews for each camera, as well as to add their own reviews.

NetworkCameraReviews.com boasts over 2,500 web pages including 1,500+ postings, 80+ product reviews, and 310+ IP camera listings with full specifications and descriptions. The website’s content stays on top of recent news in network security products – which has been further augmented with a dedicated forum for Milestone Systems information exchange.

"From testing different IP video surveillance software, the Milestone XProtect series came out as the leader in offering a top quality IP video management solution," explains Wes Fernley, NetworkCameraReviews.com Website Founder. "NetworkCameraReviews.com has therefore launched the Milestone Forum to help educate people with the latest in these surveillance products, including knowledge-sharing on everything from pre-sales questions to post-sales support."

One of the most interesting areas in the NetworkCameraReviews.com site is the Forums. With a growing database of end users, installers, distributors and manufacturers, the forum section is becoming the "water-cooler" of the IP network video market. Everyone can share their experiences and expertise, discussing topics relating to IP video products. Visitors post pre-sales questions regarding which IP camera would best suit their application or find support for configurations and setup of their applications.
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