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At Milestone Integration Platform Symposium, Open Platform is the message

Copenhagen event sends clear message: the future is IP video.

By Steven Sachoff, editor - 5 September 2007

COPENHAGEN--At the latest installment of the Milestone Integration Platform Symposium (MIPS), the compact, smart gathering for partners of IP video management software specialist Milestone Systems held at the SAS Radisson here on September 3 and 4, there was an unmistakable message: When it comes to video surveillance, open platform is the wave of the future.

With around 200 attendees, 86 companies represented and participants from 28 countries, this was the biggest of the four MIPS to date. The two-day event, which takes place twice a year, moved at a quick clip, with mornings given over to plenary sessions addressing topics such as digital video surveillance, IP applications in the military sector and IP video megatrends, while afternoons hosted smaller group "break-out" sessions and workshops that participants attended at their choice and which provided good opportunity for participation and discussion.

One speaker after another touted the benefits of open system architecture for video surveillance, based primarily on the fact that it's the best way to deliver "best of breed" (the second most heard phrase at MIPS after "open platform") solutions, meaning that, thanks to its open nature, systems can be assembled from the best products--from cameras to biometrics to access control--for achieving the required solution.

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