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Veracity announces COLDSTORE Arcus, a high-capacity surveillance solution with no need for VMS servers

Milestone Systems’ newest video management software is pre-integrated.

Prestwick/Copenhagen – 9th April 2013. Veracity, manufacturers of COLDSTORE, the surveillance industry’s first sequential storage system, announces COLDSTORE Arcus, a video surveillance platform for security installations requiring simple live view and forensic playback capabilities with no need for intricate feature sets or complex system architecture. This solution is a pre-integrated product powered by Milestone Arcus™ video management software (VMS) that is embedded in the COLDSTORE hardware - ready to plug in, power on and operate.

Veracity’s well-established COLDSTORE technology is a high-reliability sequential storage system specifically designed for video surveillance storage. Milestone System’s newly-announced Milestone Arcus is an embedded VMS offering for integration into technology partners’ hardware platforms. Milestone Arcus and COLDSTORE are an ideal match, combining in a single-box solution which supports all IP camera types. COLDSTORE Arcus provides capacity of up to 60TB of video data storage and resource-effective power consumption of only 1 watt per terabyte.

The Milestone Arcus software includes a web-server solution with a simplified user interface adjusted to Veracity specifications. The web browser-based approach will allow users to interact with the system from any platform supporting a compatible browser. The simplicity of the interface combined with automatic camera detection and configuration means that installation will be extremely easy and almost no training will be necessary for playback and live viewing.

The advanced sequential storage technology in COLDSTORE allows the use of any consumer hard drive to provide up to 60TB of high-reliability storage across 15 drive bays. The entire system operates on less than 66 watts, requires no external cooling, and creates a significant differentiator in today’s security market.

Veracity’s COLDSTORE Arcus offers a streamlined video management tool and storage system that does not require a separate VMS server. COLDSTORE Arcus will be sold by Veracity’s channel partners, and Milestone Systems will provide future upgrades through ongoing releases of the software.

Milestone chose to partner with Veracity due to the innovative video storage approach implemented by COLDSTORE. Engineers from both companies have worked closely together to exploit the key product advantages so the end result will be a radical departure from today’s traditional client/server/storage architecture.

“Veracity is an ideal technology partner for this first phase in the launch of Milestone Arcus,” says Lars Nordenlund, VP of Incubation & Ventures at Milestone Systems. “Their COLDSTORE system offers an innovative approach to the storage of surveillance video and therefore is a perfect match for our new business model of embedded video systems with Milestone Arcus.”

Alastair McLeod, the Founder and Managing Director of Veracity, agrees: “Milestone haslong been a leader in the VMS world, and we saw that Veracity and Milestone shared thesame vision for the future of the video surveillance industry. Both parties are excited aboutthe prospects for COLDSTORE Arcus.

”For more information on COLDSTORE Arcus, please contact Scott Sereboff, CEO ofVeracity USA, at 800-679-1590 ext.4 or at the Veracity ISC West Booth #8077 or MilestoneSystems Booth #20053 or contact Veracity (details below).

About Milestone
Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is the global industry leader in open platform IP video managementsoftware, according to IMS Research. The powerful surveillance is easy to manage, reliable and provenin thousands of customer installations around the world. With support for a wide choice in networkhardware and integration with other systems, Milestone provides best-in-class solutions to video enableorganizations – managing risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and reducing costs. For more information, visit www.milestonesys.com

Press Contact:
Courtney Dillon Pedersen,
Milestone Corporate PR Manager
Tel. +45 28 350 357 or +1 (503) 719-3439

About Veracity
Veracity was founded to support the migration from analog video to high-resolution IP video systemsand has developed an innovative family of products to solve specific problems in IP video systemdesign and installation. These include solutions for practical connectivity problems and a radicalapproach to surveillance storage, resulting in the high-reliability, high-capacity sequential storagesystem called COLDSTORE. Veracity’s products are distributed throughout the world and arerecognized for their innovation and quality. For more information, visit: www.veracityglobal.com

Press Contact:
Alastair McLeod,
Managing Director or Scott Sereboff, CEO
Tel: +44 1292 264967 or +1 (800) 679-1590

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