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Doorway to better security: Open Options integrates with Milestone

Inter-operability between access control and IP video management software.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 12 July 2007

Open Options, a provider of access control solutions, has integrated Milestone open platform IP video management software for a total security offering that is scalable to any size installation.

The security industry is waking up to the many advantages of IT technology, and open architecture allows integration of once-disparate systems into efficient and effective solutions. Open Options is on the forefront of this trend with an integration between their NPower DNA™ access control and Milestone XProtect™ IP video management software. This solution makes it easy for operators to easily call up live images or search and view recorded video that can be associated with any NPower DNA access control event: critical video data is available by simply clicking on the event or alarm.

"We are very excited about the partnership between Open Options and Milestone. The open platform of XProtect is a perfect fit for our NPower DNA security management system and offers our customers more flexibility in both access control and video management. This integration adds tremendous value to our overall product offering," says Steve Fisher, President of Open Options, based out of Texas. 

Milestone XProtect IP video software is based on open architecture and has APIs (Application Program Interfaces) for enterprising partners like Open Options to integrate their offerings. NPower DNA™ is a scalable access control solution designed to work with Mercury Security open controllers and interface modules. NPower DNA’s unique InfoReady™ architecture, "drag and drop" technology, and multi-document interface offers customers powerful access control. The interoperability with IP video improves the security system significantly: operators can now view access points live, on alert, or by easy searching of video recordings by event, date or time, sharing evidence with authorities if necessary. Incidences can be managed proactively and resolved faster.

"This partnership illustrates a natural synergy: both Milestone Systems and Open Options are forward thinking leaders in the security industry, with business concepts that embrace a core ethic of independence, flexibility and choice for customers. We both provide solutions based on the concept of open architecture," states Eric Fullerton, President of Milestone Systems Inc.

Open architecture allows a customer to buy card readers from one manufacturer, control hardware from another, surveillance cameras from a mix of vendors, and software from a third or fourth, yet build them together to form a cohesive security system. This does away with the need for massive system replacements to utilize new technology, effectively future-proofing the investment. Since all the devices use a common standard of communication, newer devices are able to communicate with older security hardware, too. This adds up to a much longer lifespan for the facility security system.

The benefits for the customer are obvious: they are no longer tied to the product line of a specific manufacturer. Such freedom of choice means the customer is able to combine a best-of-breed solution. As system needs grow, new components can easily be added, and this reduces the need to overhaul the security system every 3-5 years.

Open Options uses the Mercury standard for its access control hardware, and as a Microsoft-certified Partner uses Microsoft's open technology standards for its software. Milestone XProtect IP video management software runs on standard equipment and Microsoft operating systems.  

About Open Options
Open Options, Inc. is a technology-based access control and software development company with a strong commitment to proving the value of the open architecture concept. Their access control software, NPower DNA, is a fully component based (COM) application developed with N-Tier architecture using the latest .NET tools. Open Options offers security management solutions for extended enterprise applications, as well as small, growing systems. Learn more at

About Milestone Systems
Milestone Systems is the global market leader for open platform IP video management software. The XProtect™ products are easy to use, robust and proven in operation, supporting the freedom to choose from more than 270 models of network hardware. Integration options for best-of-breed solutions help video enable business, reduce costs, optimize processes, protect assets and ultimately increase value in products and services. Milestone solutions are sold through authorized partners in 63 countries.