Vi håller fortfarande på att lära oss ditt språk

Vi arbetar hårt för att göra alla sidor på tillgängliga på så många språk som möjligt, men processen tar tid. Även om alla våra funktioner finns på flera språk. Vissa sidor, som denna, är inte tillgängliga på ditt lokala språk ännu.
Tack för visad förståelse.


The Milestone User Group is an industry first.

The industry thought leader for open platform IP video management software announces an innovative, engaging online community consisting of Milestone personnel, channel partners and end-users.
Beaverton/Copenhagen – 4 February 2007 – Milestone Systems has launched the Milestone User Group, in line with the company’s vision to continue as thought leaders in the security industry.  The website for the new community will help build on that vision, acting as the pulse of everything relevant in the open platform IP video surveillance market.  The value of the User Group to both the customers and Milestone as a company is the shared input from all sides.  This online community will strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones.  The wealth of cutting-edge information that will be streaming through this portal represents an industry first that will be useful for everyone in the industry.

“Milestone has been active as a focal point for IP convergence trends in the industry, and this has generated very high engagement levels with our partners and end users worldwide.  We want to build on this excitement and the vast pool of expertise,” says Lars Thinggaard, President and CEO for Milestone Systems.  “This site is designed specifically to share knowledge.  As an industry thought leader, Milestone positions itself to fulfill customer needs.  As we did with meeting IT standards and integration requirements for our channel partners and end-users when it came to providing an open platform, we are again focused on our customers by creating a “one-stop-shop” site that will answer, entertain and enlighten.

Milestone management has a strong presence on the User Group site.  The co-founder and CTO John Blem has a blog commenting on advances in the technical side of the security field.  The President of Milestone Systems Inc. and CMO Eric Fullerton blogs about the business side and the effects of the latest convergence trends.  Even the CEO, Lars Thinggaard comments on today’s hottest topics. 

“People have been anticipating a forum in which they can communicate with Milestone management, partners and end-users.  For example, the large volume of customers who want to testify to their use of Milestone IP video technology is very impressive - how much they appreciate the advantages it brings in their daily work.  It is typical that they install the solution for one reason then find many other useful ways to improve their business with it.  They want to share this information and find out more,” states Thinggaard.

The site also presents the debut of Miles Stone & Roifi, a cartoon series that follows the adventures of an enthusiastic security guard named Miles and his trusty dog Roifi.  This monthly cartoon will be fun to follow as they navigate through the lighter side of IP video surveillance, and it is already generating buzz as people wonder what the two will get into next.  Readers are also encouraged to submit personal stories that can be chosen for depiction throughout the series.

“The Milestone User Group site is expected to attract many other IP video enthusiasts than just our own customers and partners,” explains Eric Fullerton, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Milestone Systems, adding: "We believe that consultants, analysts, prospects, journalists, alliance partners and many more will also want to keep on top of what's happening with the Milestone User Group.” 

The Milestone User Group site is available to the general public, but members who sign up will enjoy extra benefits such as quarterly face-to-face lunch meetings, special access to technical support, and attendance at the bi-annual Milestone Integration Symposium Platform (MIPS) events.  The next MIPS event is February 5-9 in Puerto Rico.

The Milestone User Group site is available from the front page of the main Milestone website: