Customer Dashboard
Your guarantee for a security system that always works

What is it?

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An online system health monitoring service designed for your system integrator or administrator

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Stay up and running 

Offers a real-time status overview of the system health and performance and provides error notifications

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of mind

Rest assured knowing that potential system issues will be solved before they interrupt your business

What's in it for me?

End user


Focus on what matters most
With a continually functioning system, you can keep focus on what’s important to your business and avoid unforeseen costs of lost working hours

Always have the video footage available
Prevent circumstances where video recordings are missing due to a mal-functioning system or component

Peace of mind
You might not access your video recordings every day, but when an incident needs investigation, Customer Dashboard helps to ensure the footage is there when you need it


Want to hear more about it? 


Reseller/ Integrator/ Technology Partner

Keep track and take action
Know when something is wrong and solve
it before it interrupts your customers’

Ensure the highest customer satisfaction
Proactively resolve system issues to prevent difficult situations where important video is lost due to malfunctioning cameras or disc failure

Build long-lasting relationship
Use the Customer Dashboard to build after-sales service agreement with your customer and
prove your worth with system uptime


Become a Reseller 

Become a Technology Partner 

Requires My Milestone credentials

How does it work?

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Supported products

Works with all paid XProtect® VMS products and the entire Milestone Husky NVRs

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Available in 7 languages to all resellers and system integrators via My Milestone

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Requires an Internet connection and a valid Milestone Care Plus agreement on the system

How Customer Dashboard makes a difference

Advantages for HYATT HOTELS


“We can see that all sites are up and working, and if something does happen in that process, we get an alert so we can immediately respond to the problem.” 

Wade Pinell, Owner of VSEC Services

Read more about the

Find out which errors are monitored

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Unable to connect
to a camera
Checkmark icon transparent grey
Hard drive reached full capacity
Checkmark icon transparent grey
Unable to add data to the media database
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license issue
This is only a small subset of the full list of monitored errors
Secure by design

Customer Dashboard has the highest level
of data integrity and data privacy.

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Only registered and authorized partners has access to the data in the Customer Dashboard

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We detect data that has been modified or corrupted during transfer

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All exchanged data is encrypted to keep it secured

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We make sure that the data is communicated to the intended website and arrives there safely 

Download supporting materials

Cheat sheet
Discover the key highlights of the Customer Dashboard
All you need to know about the Customer Dashboard, as an end-user or a reseller
Errors spec sheet
Find out which errors are being monitored in the Customer Dashboard
Supported products
CProtect pack with award winning banner
Supports all XProtect VMS products except XProtect Essential+
Husky pack
Supports all Milestone Husky NVRs