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Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard – Help your integrator help you

We know that your Milestone installation is important to your business. You might not access your video recordings every day, but when something does happen, you want to make sure that the footage is there when you need it.

To help your system stay up and running, we’ve created Customer Dashboard, an online service for your system integrator. Using Customer Dashboard, your integrator can monitor the health of your system in real-time, receive status updates and keep track of technical incidents. System uptime reports and customizable notifications help integrators address potential system issues before they disrupt your business. The result is a continuously-operating Milestone system that meets your business requirements.

How to give your integrator access to Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard requires an active Milestone Care™ Plus subscription and an Internet connection.

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The Milestone Customer Dashboard


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Supported products

For the following versions and later:

XProtect® Corporate 2016

XProtect® Expert 2016

XProtect® Enterprise 2013

XProtect® Professional 2013

XProtect® Express 2013

XProtect® Essential 2013*

Milestone Husky M550

Milestone Husky M500

Milestone Husky M50

Milestone Husky M30

Milestone Husky M20

Milestone Husky M10

*Effective October 7, 2016, it will no longer be possible to purchase Milestone Care Plus (which includes access to Customer Dashboard) for XProtect Essential 2013. Effective May 21, 2017, it will no longer be possible to purchase Milestone Care Plus for XProtect Essential 2014. Effective December 15, 2018 it will no longer be possible to purchase Milestone Care Plus for XProtect Essential 2016. For XProtect Essential 2016 R3 and higher, Customer Dashboard is available by purchasing a subscription pack. Please see the XProtect Essential product page for more information.

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