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Why XProtect is the right choice
When it comes to surveillance, one size doesn't fit all

With XProtect as the foundation of your video surveillance, you get the freedom to build the entire system just the way you like it. XProtect supports more than 8,000 different camera models, so you can select the hardware that meets your needs and budget. It is built on an open platform architecture so you can customize your surveillance system by


integrating other business applications. With XProtect, you get solution versatility. Whether you have one business or need to connect multiple installations, you can design each site the way you want and decide how you want to manage them.

Proven in more than 150,000 installations

XProtect provides the reliability and high performance expected from the global leading vendor in the VMS industry. Designed by video surveillance experts and used in business-critical installations such as


airports and casinos, XProtect provides the market’s highest performance you can always count on – now and in the future.

Minimize your exposure to risk

XProtect is designed to provide the highest security protection against external and internal cybersecurity threats. A multitude of security features minimize your exposure to risk by providing secure system


access, secure end-to-end evidence handling and secure third-party integration.

Three ways to access your video

Rest assured, your system is only a click away. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the go, XProtect provides it all with three flexible viewing clients that ensures you are always in control of your surveillance.


Whether you are a small business owner that occasionally checks in on your video or if you are operating a 24/7 business-critical control room with a video wall there is a client to fulfill your need.

Build the solution you need now and in the future

Starting with XProtect means starting right - with a solution that can easily grow and expand over time as needs change. You may only need a small single-location set-up today but tomorrow you need extra


functionality or security for additional locations. XProtect has a risk-free entry into IP video management software. You can start for free - Simply download our full-featured software and get started today.

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Extend your solution
With applications, hardware and services from our community of technology partners, you can create the exact system your business needs.

Extend your solution with XProtect Add-ons

Add extra value and functionality to your video installation by extending your system with any of our XProtect Add-on products. The XProtect Add-ons work out-of-the-box and allow you to create custom surveillance solutions for specific industry needs such as combining video with access control or linking video with transaction data.

How many cameras do you need?
The flexible license policy allows you to choose the exact number of hardware device licenses you need now and then easily expand with additional licenses or functionality over time.

Up to 8 cameras

With free XProtect Essential+ you can add up to 8 cameras or other types of hardware devices to your system, making it possible for anyone to start right with Milestone XProtect VMS.

Up to 48 cameras

With XProtect Express+ and Express you can add up to 48 cameras or other types of hardware devices to your system making it an ideal solution for smaller businesses.

Unrestricted number
of cameras

With XProtect Corporate, Expert, Professional+ and Professional there are no restrictions on the number of cameras or other types of hardware devices that can be added making these ideal for mid-sized and larger installations.

XProtect works with the widest choice of cameras and devices

Single-site or multi-site


The software is designed for a security installation at a single location making it an ideal solution for many companies and organizations.

Yellow location pin

The software can manage installations with cameras spread across different physical locations. The software is designed so recording servers can be situated at remote sites while still providing the users a single-point of access to all cameras across all sites in the entire installation.

City with location pins

The software supports an unrestricted number of recording servers. This means the system can scale seamlessly by adding additional recording servers while still providing the users a single-point of access to all cameras across all servers in the entire installation. 


To meet the strictest needs for system availability and reliability, we include support for failures in management servers, event servers, and recording servers. This ensures continuous operation and minimal video interruption and is ideal for business-critical installations.

Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration in the Recording and Mobile servers makes it possible to shift the video decoding and image scaling process from the CPU built into the system to multiple NVIDIA GPUs added to the system. This removes the bottle neck set by the hardware to truly maximize the potential of the system, increase performance, decrease the CPU load and save on hardware and maintenance costs.

Distributed operation

XProtect offers several ways of scaling an installation and operating multiple sites from a central location.

When you need to connect several, larger sites you can take advantage of Milestone Federated Architecture. This system architecture allows individual XProtect Corporate and Expert systems to be connected in a parent/child hierarchy of federated sites for a versatile solution with unlimited scalability and operational flexibility.

When you need to manage many smaller sites, you can use Milestone Interconnect. This is a unique solution that makes it possible for organizations with distributed Milestone surveillance installations to unite their individual systems into a single centrally operated and managed system with XProtect Corporate acting as the central hub.

Looking for an all-in-one surveillance system?

You’re one step away from an all-in-one surveillance system. The Milestone Husky™ NVRs are the perfect combination of the global leading VMS and a recording platform purpose-built for video surveillance.
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