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Here you can find brochures, specifications, videos and much more about our solutions.

Available resources
Milestone Husky M30 Boilerplate 2016 R335.27 KB
Milestone Husky M550A Boilerplate 2016 R3123.47 KB
Milestone Husky M10 Boilerplate 2016 R335.24 KB
Milestone Husky M50 Boilerplate 2016 R335.37 KB
Milestone_Husky_M20_Boilerplate_2017214.90 KB
Milestone Husky M500A Boilerplate 2016 R336.32 KB
FAQ on Care Changes - Milestone Husky Series693.53 KB
Milestone Husky M20 Product Presentation 201720.09 MB
Milestone Husky Business-Ready NVRS Presentation 2017 R124.70 MB
Milestone Husky M550 Product Presentation4.74 MB
Milestone Husky M550 Technical Product Presentation6.02 MB
Milestone Husky Business Ready Product Presentation 201724.61 MB
Husky M500A Product Presentation14.08 MB
[Collapse]Specification Sheet
Milestone_Husky_M50_Specification_Sheet_2017260.18 KB
Milestone Husky M10 Specification Sheet419.49 KB
Milestone_Husky_M30_Specification_Sheet426.96 KB
Milestone_M500_M550_Product_Specification_Sheet_2017444.72 KB
Milestone_Husky_M20_Specification_Sheet_2017281.18 KB
Milestone Husky M20 Introduction Video86.50 MB
[Collapse]What's New Brief
Milestone Husky Business-Ready NVRS - What's New Presentation36.97 MB
Milestone Husky Care policy cheat sheet280.21 KB
Milestone Husky - What's New Brief 2017 R1240.63 KB