XProtect Mobile

On-the-go surveillance

XProtect Mobile is a free mobile app for all Milestone products.

XProtect Mobile is a way to access your surveillance system on-the-go using smartphones and tablets. The application allows you to view, play-back and export video, listen to audio and speak through the camera using the Push-To-Talk button, as well as respond to Access Control requests and receive push notifications regarding events and triggered alarms directly to the mobile device. Respond to incidents quickly by controlling outputs remotely and pushing live GPS- enabled video from your mobile devices’ camera back to the XProtect system from anywhere. Milestone XProtect Mobile is available in 31 languages and supports wireless networks and all generations of mobile networks. XProtect Mobile works seamlessly with all XProtect® video management software products, Milestone Husky™ NVR series and is available as a free download from Google Play, and the App Store

XProtect Mobile highlights

Milestone Mobile XProtect

Access your system from anywhere

    • Instant access anywhere: View and play back incidents and manage access requests on smartphones and tablets for uninterrupted security operations.*

    • Stay informed: XProtect Mobile includes push notifications, which notify you when alarms are triggered and when access is requested to your premises.*

    • Secure connectivity: All communication between the XProtect Mobile app and server is encrypted, ensuring superior security

    • Easily share video: Take immediate action by creating and watching exports on-the-go

    • View video across distributed surveillance sites: Users can access cameras from all sub-sites in large, multi-site installations
    • Add audio to video: Listen to audio captured by the camera and speak through the camera-connected speakers directly from you mobile device.

*Requires integration with Milestone's XProtect Access Control

Rapid incident response

  • Respond to incidents when they happen: Users can push live video including audio from the device's camera directly into the XProtect system allowing you to document incidents as they happen

  • Know exactly where to send first responders: Users can document the location of pushed video by associating a GPS position with the live video they capture

  • Address security situations promptly: When an alarm is triggered, push notifications are sent to designated users, so they can respond immediately when a situation arises.

  • Control outputs remotely: Whether or not they are physically on-site, users can control outputs, granting or denying access, and switching lights on/off

Download XProtect Mobile for free

XProtect Mobile consists of two items, an application for your smartphone or tablet and the server component. The XProtect Mobile server component is included in the XProtect VMS installer and preloaded on the Milestone Husky NVRs, giving you smooth and easy deployment. XProtect Mobile supports Android and iOS devices. For supported mobile operating systems, please refer to our
System Requirements page.

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Get help! Go to the XProtect Mobile Help Center

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Here you can find brochures, specifications, videos and much more about XProtect Mobile.


Functionality of XProtect Mobile is determined by the specific Milestone product
An additional camera license is required for each user of Video Push. The price of the camera license is determined by the user’s Milestone product.
The server component is included in the following product installers: XProtect Essential 2.1, XProtect Essential+ 2017 R2, XProtect Express 1.1, XProtect Express+ 2017 R2, XProtect Professional 8.1, XProtect Professional+ 2017 R2, XProtect Enterprise 8.1, XProtect Expert 2013XProtect Corporate 5.0, Milestone Husky M10, Milestone Husky M20, Milestone Husky M30, Milestone Husky M50, Milestone Husky M500 Advanced, Milestone Husky M550 Advanced, Milestone Husky X2, Milestone Husky X8 and Milestone Arcus™ products. If you have a previously compatible system you will need to download and install the XProtect Mobile server component separately. 

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