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Public transport 

Every year there is considerable criminal activity on public transportation including buses, metros and trains. With a Milestone solution, public transport vehicles with onboard surveillance can always record video while on route. Technologies such as Edge Storage and Milestone Interconnect™ make it possible for video footage from onboard cameras to be automatically or manually retrieved later. The retrieved video can be combined with other video recordings from the transportation station to make it easy to investigate incidents and export evidence.

Industry characteristics

  • Camera coverage of distributed transit stops and stations, maintenance facilities and operations centers
  • Cameras installed on vehicles with intermittent connectivity 

Security concerns

  • Assaults during hours of operation
  • Non-paying customers
  • Threats to other passengers or staff
  • Lost or stolen goods
  • Forensic analysis of terrorist events

More than security

  • Frivolous lawsuits and liability claims
  • Forgotten items left behind
  • Monitor traffic and assess disruptions
  • Ensuring a safe environment for passengers and staff
  • Keeping an eye on metal theft eliminates the large cost of replacing cabling and traffic disruptions

Industry demands

  • Proactive and centralized management
  • Open platform
  • Ability to communicate with the local police department
  • Headquarters need to access information from different vehicles
  • Surveillance system can be accessed from any computer or on-the-go
  • Surveillance system needs to function even with intermittent connectivity
  • Ability to queue video retrieval from offline vehicles for automatic download once connected
  • Support for a variety of hardened and vibration-resistant components including servers, network switches and cameras
  • Alarm management to help deal with situations such as violence, vandalism, pickpocketing, traffic incidents, terrorism, theft, disorderly behavior and accidents
  • Search and export of large quantities of recorded video
  • Multiple levels of user access rights and audit trails

Suggested Milestone solutions

XProtect® Corporate

Designed for large, high-security installations distributed across multiple locations. With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, XProtect Corporate is flexible software with no limits.

Milestone Interconnect

Milestone Interconnect allows all XProtect VMS, the Milestone Husky NVRs and Milestone Arcus™ embedded appliances to be interconnected with Milestone premium software, XProtect Corporate. 

XProtect Mobile

XProtect Mobile gives instantaneous access to Milestone surveillance systems via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections.  With XProtect Mobile users can view, play back and export video, control outputs and push live video from the device’s camera, helping users see what’s important to them.

Third-party software integrations

Milestone XProtect video management software integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications and cameras. This gives users the freedom to create a custom solution to fit their needs and budget and provides the possibility to expand with future innovations. 

Solution features

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Secure video export
  • Ability to bookmark certain video sections for further investigation
  • Video database encryption and digital signing prevent video evidence from being tampered with
  • A flexible user rights structure allows multiple users and administrators access to any combination of sites
  • Edge Storage ensures video is always stored even when there is a system or network failure
  • With Edge Storage and Milestone Interconnect, offline vehicles can automatically transfer relevant data to headquarters once the vehicle is stored in a depot with a network or Internet connection
  • With Video Push, security officers can transmit live video from problem areas to a central security office

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Customer stories

The Saint Petersburg Metro

The  Saint  Petersburg  Metro  is  the  main  city  traffic  artery.  It  carries  over  2  million  passengers  between  67 stations each day and among the European subways it  ranks  4th  for  its  passenger  flow  and  8th  for  its  line  length.  The Metro  needed  an  intelligent  video  surveillance   system   to   ensure   the   transport   security   in   challenging  traffic  conditions  at  all  the  subway  areas  open to the public – halls, underground stations, escalators.

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