Critical infrastructure

The security of critical infrastructure is imperative to ensuring the safety of assets and the general public. With security as the highest priority, XProtect® video surveillance software enables operators of critical infrastructure sites to interactively monitor equipment, operations and processes. The integration of third-party systems, such as access control, provides additional options to enhance security measures.

Industry characteristics

  • Dedicated surveillance center to interactively monitor equipment, operations and processes


Security concerns

  • Power shortage
  • Malfunctioning equipment
  • Unauthorized individuals on-site

Industry demands

  • Extremely high-security installation
  • Easily navigate between the different buildings and cameras
  • Proactively monitor multiple cameras at the same time
  • Locate and respond to active alarms immediately
  • Ability to always access video recordings of critical situations
  • Open platform makes it possible to integrate add-on products and third-party applications such as video analytics
  • Multiple system users with different access credentials


Suggested Milestone solutions

XProtect® Corporate

Designed for large, high-security installations distributed across multiple locations. With support for an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites, XProtect Corporate is flexible software with no limits.

Third-party integrations

Milestone XProtect video management software integrates with a wide range of third-party software applications and cameras. This enables users the freedom to create a custom solution to fit their needs and budget, and provides the possibility to expand with future innovations. 

XProtect Mobile

XProtect Mobile gives instantaneous access to Milestone surveillance systems via Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connections. With XProtect Mobile users can view, play back and export video, control outputs and push live video from the device’s camera, helping users see what’s important to them.


XProtect® Smart Wall

XProtect Smart Wall is an advanced add-on video wall product that improves response time by displaying all the video data in your installation and giving a complete overview of large surveillance centers.

Solution features

  • Unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • Easily export video evidence if further action needs to be taken
  • Prioritized alarm list to gain overview of active alarms and their severity
  • Bookmark certain video sections for further investigation
  • Interactive maps and Camera Navigator allow users to navigate easily across geographically dispersed cameras
  • Interaction with an emergency alarm system to notify security operators when an incident occurs
  • Edge Storage ensures video is always stored even when there is a system or network failure
  • XProtect Smart Wall offers a complete overview of cameras to improve responsiveness when an alarm sounds
  • With Video Push, security officers can transmit live video from problem areas to a central security office



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Customer stories

Louisiana’s Port Fourchon

Port Fourchon plays a strategic role in supplying the United States with nearly 18 percent of its oil supply by servicing more than 90 percent of the Gulf of Mexico’s deepwater exploration and production. Securing such an essential portion of the Gulf Coast requires a hands-on team of security professionals to watch for unauthorized activities and enhance the safety of workers and officers. Port Fourchon officials chose Milestone XProtect video management software for its ability to display video in real time and its open platform architecture for integration with analytics.

Watch the video to learn more.