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Milestone IP video technology makes it possible to use video surveillance not only for security and safety, but for all kinds of uses to cost-effectively monitor operations for business optimization and process improvement. The open architecture of Milestone products means that industries can create custom solutions and incorporate new technology as it is developed to solve any challenge their business is facing. Different industries have different needs and Milestone products combined with third-party partner solutions provide a complete surveillance and security solution. Read more about our industry solutions below.


Complex environment with multiple buildings and a large perimeter. Multiple users and stakeholders such as airport security, customs, border patrol and retailers.

Learn more about Milestone airport solutions.


High-security deployments in branches and multiple transportation vehicles with centralized or mobile monitoring.

Learn more about Milestone banking solutions.

City surveillance

Police department needs to monitor video from hundreds or possibly thousands of cameras spread across a city or county.

Learn more about Milestone city surveillance solutions.

Critical infrastructure

Dedicated surveillance center to interactively monitor equipment, operations and processes for critical deployments such as power plants and nuclear reactors. 

Learn more about Milestone infrastructure solutions.

Public transport

Camera coverage of distributed transit stops and stations, maintenance facilities and operations centers. Cameras installed on vehicles with intermittent connectivity.

Learn more Milestone public transport solutions.


Brands with centralized headquarters, shopping centers and shops spread across multiple geographical locations such as boutiques, small restaurants, cafés and kiosks.

Learn more about Milestone retail solutions.


Multiple users and stakeholders including harbor police, customs, intermodal shipping customers, border patrol, chemical companies and oil/natural gas suppliers.

Learn more about Milestone seaport solutions.

Traffic Monitoring

Headquarters with hundreds or thousands of cameras across a city or area. Support for regional traffic monitoring centers with video distributed to local media.

Learn more about Milestone traffic monitoring solutions.

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