Momoda 3D Visualization by uinnova Technology Inc.

Solution has been tested with the following Milestone products
Xprotect Essential+ supported Xprotect
Xprotect Express supported Xprotect
Xprotect Express+ not supported Xprotect
Xprotect Professional supported Xprotect
Xprotect Professional+ supported Xprotect
Xprotect Enterprise supported Xprotect
Xprotect Expert supported Xprotect
Xprotect Corporate supported Xprotect
Husky M20 not supported Husky
Husky M30 not supported Husky
Husky M50 not supported Husky
Husky M500A not supported Husky
Husky M550A not supported Husky


Uinnova solution is a 3D visualization platform consisting of powerful toolkits, API and model library. It helps users to build 3D simulation scenes, develop applications and integrated their IoT data and system.

By bringing advanced interactive 3D capabilities to current and legacy UI, uinnova helps its users enhance customer experience, lower learning barriers and improve the attractiveness of their sales too.

Key Features

  • Real Life 3D Scenes: Browse real life 3D scenes by using zoom in, zoom out and rotation features, along with the camera’s live feed, real time sensor data and other surveillance related functions.
  • Easy-to-use Editor: Create scenes with easy-to-use 3D scene editor, supported by a large number of online building and security device models.
  • Connect Your Security Devices: All Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) based surveillance cameras are supported.
  • Available On All Platforms: Runs in web browsers and on mobile devices.

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RTSP live streaming videos

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Other details

Last update: Oct 18 2018

Tested products by partner XProtect® Essential+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Essential+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Express 2016
XProtect® Professional 2017 R3
XProtect® Professional 2017 R2
XProtect® Professional 2017 R1
XProtect® Professional 2016 R3
XProtect® Professional 2016 R2
XProtect® Professional 2016
XProtect® Professional 2014
XProtect® Professional 2013
XProtect® Professional 8.1
XProtect® Professional 8.0
XProtect® Professional 7.0
XProtect® Professional 6.5
XProtect® Professional+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Professional+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2017 R3
XProtect® Expert 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2017 R1
XProtect® Expert 2016 R3
XProtect® Expert 2016 R2
XProtect® Expert 2016
XProtect® Expert 2014
XProtect® Expert 2013
XProtect® Expert 1.0
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R1
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2016
XProtect® Corporate 2014
XProtect® Corporate 2013
XProtect® Corporate 6.0
XProtect® Corporate 5.0
XProtect® Corporate 4.1
XProtect® Corporate 4.0
XProtect® Corporate 3.1
XProtect® Corporate 3.0
XProtect® Enterprise 2016 R2
XProtect® Enterprise 2016
XProtect® Enterprise 2014
XProtect® Enterprise 2013
XProtect® Enterprise 8.1
XProtect® Enterprise 8.0
XProtect® Enterprise 7.0
XProtect® Enterprise 6.5

Milestone Systems MIP SDK integrations are designed to be forwards and backwards compatible. We recommend that all integrations should be tested with the latest XProtect versions and Husky products in a non-production environment. Please use the partner’s contact details to directly request a more detailed compatibility report.

Compatible partner product(s)

The version 2.0 is required for the solution

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Supported viewing clients XProtect Smart Client
Product languages Chinese (Simplified), English, Korean
Industry Banking and finance, Casinos and gaming, Central monitoring stations, City surveillance, Commercial, Critical infrastructure / Utilities, Education, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and industrial, Sport and leisure, Transportation
Solution availability Australia, Central Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, North America, Northern Africa, Northern Europe, South America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe, Western Africa, Western Europe
Solution type Access control and intercom: Access control, Visitor management
Facilities Management: Fire and alarm Systems, Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
Sensors: Intrusion detection, Radio frequency identification (RFID)
Situational awareness: 3D user interface
uinnova Technology is the leader in IT and data center visualization. The uinnova team specializes in computer graphics and enterprise IT management software. Our goal is to “Help Humanity Better Understand and Manage the New World”. uinnova IT visualization solutions were well received by the market since its launch, and they are being used by many China companies such as ICBC, China Merchant Bank, PICC and China Mobile. In 2016, uinnova released the IoT visualization platform for smart buildings, campuses and cities, providing these industries with 3D visualization solutions, building towards the vison of 'Visualizing Everything'.
How to buy Via Distributor
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Directly to end customer
Contact information uinnova Technolog Inc
For technical assistance: / +1 425-221-9262
For sales assistance:


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