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Tiger Bridge can minimize your online storage requirements with Transparent Data Tiering. Tiger Bridge is a secure and flexible software connector for the Windows OS that transparently replicates and moves the data from a local volume to a cloud or on-premises target without affecting users, applications, or workflows. As such, it allows organizations to better match their storage technology with their data lifecycle in order to realize substantial cost savings. Tiger Bridge dynamically reclaims space on a fast primary server by decommissioning its stale data to a slower, more economical tier of storage. Capacity requirements for high-speed storage is therefore greatly reduced while the longevity of valuable data is increased by being stored on more appropriate, lower cost technology.

Best of all, Tiger Bridge can be installed within minutes on active servers without affecting users, applications, or workflows. Using advanced data replication and space reclaiming technology, Tiger Bridge keeps the right data at the right place at the right time. By analyzing access to files and by relying on simple policies, such as last access date, file size, and free space that should be retained on the primary server, Tiger Bridge determines when a newly created or updated file must be replicated or when a stale file must be archived. Users and applications are not affected when files are migrated from the primary server to the secondary tier, because a stub-file is created to replace the file that was moved. Stub-files are distinctive and contain all the valuable metadata information of the original file (such as size, permission, last access date, and so on) and can be accessed by users and applications similar to any other file. When a stub-file is accessed, the original file is automatically and transparently restored back to the primary server and handed to the application, just as normal. Users and applications therefore do not experience any disruption in their workflow.

And because it runs directly on the Windows server and manages the existing NTFS file system, users do not need to reformat the storage, give up performance, or compromise security by going through an external gateway server. Data gets moved between the primary and secondary tiers of storage.

Key Features

  • Simplifies storage allocation and tiering while enabling easy growth with Cloud Object Storage

  • Minimizes online storage requirements by utilizing advanced data replication and space reclamation capabilities from Tiger Technology

  • Enables Milestone recording server attachment to Cloud Object Storage without a gateway server

  • Allows both CAPEX or OPEX storage pricing models for archive and performance storage

  • Enables an easy, smooth transition to the cloud: start with an on-premise storage solution and then migrate to the cloud with no changes to the Milestone environment
  • Works as well with NAS and Tape.

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When using Tiger Bridge, every NVR has its own pipe to the cloud

When using Tiger Bridge, every NVR has its own pipe to the cloud

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Last update: Jan 23 2018

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Tiger Bridge 2.0

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