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X.90 access control system -XProtect® Access Control Module Plug-in by Matrix Research Limited

XProtect Corporate supported XProtect
XProtect Expert supported XProtect
XProtect Enterprise supported XProtect
XProtect Professional supported XProtect
XProtect Express supported XProtect
Milestone Husky not supported Milestone


X.90 developed by Matrix Research Limited provides a comprehensive Access Control and Time Attendance system which is the highest security standard in the world industry. X.90 Access Control System is built on distributed processing architecture with intelligent components at each level. At the top is the enterprise grade, component object model (COM) server which supports multiple door access panel and user applications. It acts as a local bridge between the door controllers and the application software. It is responsible for synchronizing all the door controllers, implementing advanced access control features and storing events.

A plug-in is installed into the Milestone Event Server so that Milestone system can communicate with the X.90 access control system. In the Management Application, users can add the control panel (or the door) into the system and associate it with cameras. In the Smart Client, users can choose to display information associated with access control events and alarms for specific doors.

Key Features

  • Transfer all events and cardholder information from X.90 access control system to Milestone XProtect

  • Show live video associated with the door. Open or close the door manually by PC commands.

  • Show access granted events and cardholder pictures.

  • Show access denied events and access request live video.

  • Support alarm definitions and show alarms like door break-in, panel tampering and power failure.

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Next step

If you want more information about this third-party solution for your XProtect software, or if you want to be introduced to this Solution Partner, please submit your information. You will be contacted by Milestone shortly.

Other details

Integration compatibility
(Milestone products)
XProtect® Corporate 2014 or higher version
XProtect® Expert 2014 or higher version
XProtect® Enterprise 2014 or higher version
XProtect® Professional 2014 or higher version
XProtect® Express 2014 or higher version
Supported languages Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), English
Solution availability Australia, Central Asia, Middle East, New Zealand, Northern Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Southern Europe , Western Europe
Development platform MIP SDK 2014
Integration type Plug-in Integration
Documents and Whitepapers Download integration brochure Download setup guide
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