NVR Servers & Workstations by IONODES Inc.

Solution has been tested with the following Milestone products
XProtect Essential+ supported XProtect
XProtect Express supported XProtect
XProtect Express+ supported XProtect
XProtect Professional supported XProtect
XProtect Professional+ supported XProtect
XProtect Enterprise supported XProtect
XProtect Expert supported XProtect
XProtect Corporate supported XProtect
Husky M20 not supported Husky
Husky M30 not supported Husky
Husky M50 not supported Husky
Husky M500A not supported Husky
Husky M550A not supported Husky


Our solutions (servers & workstations) can be deployed in a wide variety of scenarios and applications including:
- SOHO video surveillance
- management servers
- servers running analytics in a data center/security center
- industrial environment with harsh conditions (temperature, vibration, shock, dust, etc.)
- mobile/transport applications

Key features

  • Enterprise class performance and reliability: Products are built with industrial-grade, high quality components with very low failure rates

  • Full spectrum offer: From entry level to very high-end systems for data centers, including niche solutions (industrial, harsh environments, mobile/transportation, etc.)

  • Cost effective: one of the best value for money on the market

  • Simplicity and Ease of Use: Quick Setup Wizard ensures Automated video management software (VMS) platform deployment with pre-loaded Milestone VMS packages

  • Comfort and Peace of Mind: From 3 Years Advanced Replacement Warranty to 3/5 Years Next Business Day on Site Warranty and dedicated Pre-Sales & Post-Sales support in EMEA

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Other details

Last update: Feb 05 2018

Tested products by partner XProtect® Essential+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Essential+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Express 2017 R3
XProtect® Express 2017 R2
XProtect® Express 2017 R1
XProtect® Express 2016 R3
XProtect® Express 2016 R2
XProtect® Express 2016
XProtect® Express 2014
XProtect® Express 2013
XProtect® Express 1.1
XProtect® Express 1.0
XProtect® Express+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Express+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Professional 2017 R3
XProtect® Professional 2017 R2
XProtect® Professional 2017 R1
XProtect® Professional 2016 R3
XProtect® Professional 2016 R2
XProtect® Professional 2016
XProtect® Professional 2014
XProtect® Professional 2013
XProtect® Professional 8.1
XProtect® Professional 8.0
XProtect® Professional 7.0
XProtect® Professional 6.5
XProtect® Professional+ 2017 R3
XProtect® Professional+ 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2017 R3
XProtect® Expert 2017 R2
XProtect® Expert 2017 R1
XProtect® Expert 2016 R3
XProtect® Expert 2016 R2
XProtect® Expert 2016
XProtect® Expert 2014
XProtect® Expert 2013
XProtect® Expert 1.0
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2017 R1
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R3
XProtect® Corporate 2016 R2
XProtect® Corporate 2016
XProtect® Corporate 2014
XProtect® Corporate 2013
XProtect® Corporate 6.0
XProtect® Corporate 5.0
XProtect® Corporate 4.1
XProtect® Corporate 4.0
XProtect® Corporate 3.1
XProtect® Corporate 3.0
XProtect® Enterprise 2016 R2
XProtect® Enterprise 2016
XProtect® Enterprise 2014
XProtect® Enterprise 2013
XProtect® Enterprise 8.1
XProtect® Enterprise 8.0
XProtect® Enterprise 7.0
XProtect® Enterprise 6.5

Milestone Systems MIP SDK integrations are designed to be forwards and backwards compatible. We recommend that all integrations should be tested with the latest XProtect versions and Husky products in a non-production environment. Please use the partner’s contact details to directly request a more detailed compatibility report.

Product languages English, French
Industry Banking and finance, City surveillance, Critical infrastructure / Utilities, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing and industrial, Retail, Transportation
Solution availability Australia, Central Africa, Eastern Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, New Zealand, North America, Northern Africa, Northern Europe, Southeast Asia, Southern Africa, Southern Europe, Western Africa, Western Europe
Solution type Hardware: Server
Established in 2007, IONODES Inc. is a Canadian corporation specialized in the design, development and manufacture of high quality IP-based video transmission and data processing solutions optimized for use in video surveillance and security management solutions. IONODES’ product line includes a wide array of smart appliances, ranging from a complete line of H.264 IP video encoders & decoders, to more advanced server solutions for commercial, industrial and mobile applications. By providing its customers with smarter IP video surveillance technology allowing them to identify security threats quickly and in any environment, from vehicles to critical installations, IONODES believes it can contribute to making the world safer and therefore more peaceful.
How to buy Via Distributor
Via Reseller
Directly to end customer
Contact information IONODES Inc.
For technical assistance: support@ionodes.com / 1-450-696-1060
For sales assistance: sales@ionodes.com


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