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Symmetry by AMAG Technology

Compatible products
XProtect Essential+ not supported XProtect
XProtect Express not supported XProtect
XProtect Express+ not supported XProtect
XProtect Professional not supported XProtect
XProtect Professional+ not supported XProtect
XProtect Enterprise supported XProtect
XProtect Expert not supported XProtect
XProtect Corporate supported XProtect
Husky M20 not supported Husky
Husky M30 not supported Husky
Husky M50 not supported Husky
Husky M500A not supported Husky
Husky M550A not supported Husky


The AMAG Technology solution Symmetry provides access control, IP video and intrusion detection protection for any size organization and integrates with XProtect® software to provide a fully integrated security system with video.

The integration is a plug-in for the Symmetry Security Management System (SMS). It enables operators of Symmetry to view live and recorded video from XProtect, activate recordings manually or through triggers, operate pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras and set up rules based on status and analytic events.

When an alarm occurs in the Symmetry SMS, cameras will automatically record video from the area with the alarm and send it back to the control room where security officers can quickly decide on a course of action.

The solution provides an easy one-step installation and easy configuration with no additional steps in XProtect. Even integration of large XProtect installations is made easy with the help of camera groups and recorder filters and through the ability to set alarm filters and video properties on groups of cameras.

Key Features

  • Live and recorded video from XProtectis presented in the Symmetry application and can be controlled with the Symmetry user interface, including PTZ with physical or virtual joystick and recording timeline

  • Status updates and analytic events that are coming from XProtect are reported into Symmetry. For example, a trigger can be set up in Symmetry to raise an alarm if XProtectgoes offline or if motion is detected in a restricted area during the weekend

  • Register cameras in Symmetry without additional configuration in XProtect

View screenshots

The virtual matrix in Symmetry showing live video, alarms and activities from XProtect

The virtual matrix in Symmetry showing live video, alarms and activities from XProtect

Next step

If you want more information about this third-party solution for your XProtect software, or if you want to be introduced to this Solution Partner, please submit your information. You will be contacted by Milestone shortly.

Other details

Last update: Oct 29 2014

Tested and supported versions by partner XProtect® Corporate 2014
XProtect® Enterprise 2014

Software Integrations developed via MIP SDK are onwards and backwards compatible. Yet, should you still like to verify a specific integration compatibility with XProtect or Husky not listed here, contact a partner directly.

Integration compatibility
(Partner products)

Symmetry v7.01    Plugin 1.1.21

Symmetry v8.01    Plugin 1.2.21

Symmetry v.8.02   Plugin 1.3.25

Supported languages English
Solution availability Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Central Africa, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, North America, South America, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand
Integration type Plug-in Integration
AMAG Technology is one of the security industry’s foremost innovators and suppliers of fully integrated security solutions throughout the world, protecting everything from small offices and schools to large multinational organizations and high-security government facilities. AMAG has been serving and protecting customers for more than 40 years, delivering 30,000 systems across 110 countries.
Contact information AMAG Technology, Inc. (owned by G4S)