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SegStor by StorageQuest


When found with the need to retain your bookmarked data, and if exporting more than a few bookmarks, the investigator would find that the task becomes time consuming and tedious. SegStor (found within the XProtect® Smart Client interface) aims to alleviate that by enabling the creation of export 'jobs'. These export jobs can be configured for many cameras and many bookmarks over whatever time period is required. Exporting bookmarks for archive, external storage or transport has never been easier.


Key Features

  • Eases repetition of multiple manual video exports.
  • Multiple cameras can be selected for export in the Smart Client.
  • Multiple video file formats for playback after export.
  • Enhances the stock bookmark export built into XProtect®.
  • User-friendly graphical user interface.

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Next step

If you want more information about this third-party solution for your XProtect software, or if you want to be introduced to this Solution Partner, please submit your information. You will be contacted by Milestone shortly.

Other details

Integration compatibility
(Milestone products)
XProtect® Corporate 2014 or higher version
XProtect® Expert 2014 or higher version
Supported languages English
Solution availability North America
Development platform MIP SDK 2014
Integration type Plug-in Integration
Documents and Whitepapers Download setup guide
StorageQuest®, Inc. is a Canadian based company which specializes in long-term and policy-based data storage strategies mainly for Law Enforcement agencies in their goal of Lawful Intercept.
Contact information StorageQuest Inc.