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Brazilian city cuts crime 6% with Milestone surveillance

Valinhos, Brazil, protects its people and property with IP video surveillance.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 19 May 2004

Located 90 kilometers from the state capital of Brazil, the city of Valinhos bustles with 83,000 citizens. The city's high quality of life is stimulated by the commercial and industrial sectors that invest in the city, which have also ensured that the infrastructure is well developed. This has given them the ability to install a networked video surveillance solution to help ensure safety and cut down on crime.

Starting at the portal entrance of the city, a Milestone XProtect surveillance solution is recording what's happening. Including such important points as the legal and court buildings, banking streets, and the more dangerous areas known for crime occurances - all is being monitored from the city’s Security Headquarters located downtown.

"The main part of the surveillance solution is targeted towards the safety of people and property, especially related to vandalism. Other issues for which we use the solution include injunctions against robberies and monitoring traffic problems, as well as helping the city officers in action to keep order in the city. Just from installing the cameras to cover incidences on the streets, the crime percentage has dropped about 6% - also because of the psychological inhibition factor. The Security Central Headquarters reports that they now have more control over the city's current events," states Antonio Fernando Galasso, Security Manager of Valinhos.

With a mix of Pelco and Samsung Electronics cameras with Axis and Pixord video servers, the surveillance is controlled through the Milestone XProtect built-in Web interface. With flexible scheduling and triggered by motion detection, Milestone records images from all the cameras and stores them on local disks installed on three monitoring servers. The entire security solution is running on standard PCs where the digital video images are archived for 10 days.

"When a jewelry store was robbed, the images from the cameras installed in the street and recorded by Milestone XProtect software helped to identify the suspects, who were then captured by the police," reports Antonio Galasso.