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Milestone Systems Shares Latest VMS Software, New Programs Ahead of ASIS 2017

Milestone talks about XProtect Professional+, its newest VMS, as well as the importance of creating and supporting open solutions

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DALLAS, September 19, 2017 — Milestone Systems describes itself as an open platform that fits all business needs. Director of Sales Operations Eric Moe spoke to SSI about the company’s newest video management software, as well as why it is important to create and support open solutions ahead of ASIS 2017.

What is the top product or offering you are showing off at ASIS 2017, and what makes it unique or special from both security integrator and user perspectives?
XProtect Professional+ is the newest video management software from Milestone Systems that provides enterprise features at a price point that is mid-market friendly. Professional+ seamlessly connects multiple servers from either a single site or many different locations and gives users the ability to instantly search video from any location. It also effectively and efficiently manages user profiles, alerts, alarms, maps, cameras and access control integrations from a centralized location as if you were directly on-site…. even if you’re not.


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