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Coffee manufacturer records burglar on video after upgrading to IP video

Portland Roasting Coffee uses IP video to prevent theft

Portland Roasting Coffee is a reputable manufacturer and retailer of gourmet coffee headquartered in Southeast Portland, Oregon. PRior to partnering with VideoSurveillance.com, Portland Roasting guarded its 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility with a video surveillance system. Unfortunately, the video surveillance system previously in place failed to properly record video during two previous break-ins. During the burglaries, the tieves were able to dislodge and disconnect the cameras, rendering them uselses.

An IP HD camera system is the recommended remedy

The number of problems with the video surveillance cameras marked the need for a modernized video surveillance solution. Owner Mark Stell began searching for a seasoned video surveillance integrator to revamp the company's video surveillance camera system and give them full access to the cameras without needing a service provider to manage everything. 

Stell contacted VideoSurveillance.com and was immediately satisfied with the consulting he received. The project consultants at VideoSurveillance.com evaluated Portland Roasting’s current security camera system and its defects. Part of the auditing process included an on-site security assessment of its property. Once the site was reviewed, the project consultants determined that Portland Roasting would benefit from an HD IP camera system as opposed to older video surveillance technology. In addition to a plan centered on IP video migration, VideoSurveillance.com recommended surveillance cameras featuring 1080 high-definition (HD) resolution. HD video resolution would provide the level of detail needed to capture quality evidence if Portland Roasting was broken into again.

To implement this change, VideoSurveillance.com designed a facility-wide IP camera system featuring a video encoder and Milestone NVR. The new system was designed to give Portland Roasting the ability to control the features of its video surveillance system without having to depend on a rental service.

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