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More on Biloxi School Security

The surveillance system is at the leading edge of a trend...

Friday, 26 September 2003

The International Herald Tribune published an article by Sam Dillon of the New York Times titled: U.S. schools resort to security cameras.

The lead point of interest in this media focus on the increasing use of digital surveillance in schools apparently stems from the Biloxi public school system solution, as reported recently in USA Today (see previous News Clipping on this site).

The Milestone partner responsible for that implementation, CameraWatch, is also quoted in the article, as can be seen in this excerpt:

In many towns, cameras are becoming a routine schoolhouse fixture, installed above drinking fountains and laboratory tables, with little or no public notice. No specific laws appear to regulate their use in schools, some of which, as in Canton, Mississippi, are financing their purchase with federal money.

When officials are drawing up plans for schools, "there's not one that doesn't want cameras," said Todd Walker, chief financial officer of CameraWatch, a company that has installed surveillance equipment in schools from North Carolina to California.

About 950 new public schools opened across the United States in 2002, and school architects estimate that three-quarters were equipped with surveillance cameras.

School administrators are enthusiastic because digital technology makes the cameras far easier to use than the analog cameras that recorded images to videotape when educators first began experimenting with surveillance a decade ago. Today's digital cameras use computer hard drives, allowing school principals to conduct a replay of a cafeteria food fight at the click of a mouse.
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