Milestone video security sparkles in the world of diamonds

March 01, 2024

Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) is one of the largest and most sophisticated diamond centers in the world. With over 4,000 members engaged in import and export, trade and marketing of rough and polished diamonds, BDB has created a business framework to conduct their transactions with maximum convenience and security.

Mumbai, India
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Challenge: complex demands on infrastructure

The bourse has a daily footfall of more than 70,000 people coming from around the globe for diamond trading. Designed in the shape of a diamond, the BDB is housed in a multi-faceted complex over 20 acres with a constructed area of two million square feet. Within the campus there is a customs office, banking services, travel assistance, diamond certification agencies, critical plant operations and a conference hall.  In addition, two basements include one million square feet for car parking and utility services.

To address this massive scale of activities efficiently round the clock, it was crucial for BDB to maintain utmost security and safety for people and property. Such a multi-purpose and safety-critical premise requires scalable, reliable and effective security infrastructure. To that end, BDB has developed a 24x7 state-of-the-art security and surveillance setup used by a dedicated, well-equipped, response team for tackling crises.

“We were looking for something that is more than security cameras and analog monitoring, with a more advanced and open VMS surveillance solution. The diamond industry requires the highest standards of safety.”
- Samir Jha, Head Security & Fire Safety, BDB
Solution: openness and scalability

To address all their strict demands in security measures, BDB chose Milestone video technology, entrusting the open platform VMS with the high security and advanced surveillance BDB needed. They quickly discovered that they were working with very user-friendly applications that suited every compliance requirement.

“The best part about Milestone was the open architecture and flexibility to select any camera model, other devices or system integrations. The platform proved to be very easy to use, not only in terms of installation and configuration but also in terms of operation. It fulfilled all our requirements locally and onsite with high availability of video data.”
- Samir Jha, Head Security & Fire Safety, BDB

They also found that they were able to access the surveillance system on-the-go.

“XProtect Mobile has aided immediate access to the surveillance system on-the-go via smartphones and tablets. Through the app, our security team out patrolling can view, play back and export videos, listen to audio clips and speak through the camera, as well as respond to Access Control requests and receive push notifications regarding events that can be triggered as alarms directly to a mobile device. Other apps like Smart Map, Smart Wall, and Carousel View are also very helpful in proactive monitoring.”
- Walter Crasto, Head of IT, BDB.

With such a huge area to cover, it took BDB around two years to install 3,500 cameras. They expect to double these installations and have them integrated with the Access Control and Video Analytics.

Result: 100 percent recovery rate

In an industry where the overall recovery of stolen diamonds is poor, BDB in 2020 had a 100% successful recovery rate of precious stones and other properties — thanks largely to help from Milestone’s video technology.

”There will always be people who are looking to take our diamonds. But with Milestone’s open VMS, they are going to find it a lot more challenging. Even our lost diamonds are eventually being found.”
- Samir Jha, Head Security & Fire Safety, BDB

BDB is also glad to contribute to the community, by assisting the Mumbai city police to monitor road safety of surrounding areas with the video technology of Milestone’s open platform solutions.

“We are raising the bar for security standards. Milestone was what we were looking for to help control the security of the entire premises.”
- Samir Jha, Head Security & Fire Safety, BDB
About Bharat Diamond Bourse

BDB started at Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai from 2010, now with over 4,000 members engaged in import and export, manufacturing, and marketing of rough and polished diamonds, BDB has created a business framework to conduct their transactions in maximum convenience and security.

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