Kebun Baru provides tech-integrated facility for the elderly living alone

January 16, 2024

An integrated senior care facility in Singapore is using video technology from Milestone Systems to monitor at-risk elderly residents in a discreet, non-invasive manner.

Kebun Baru
Network cameras, sound sensors


XProtect® VMS, XProtect® Smart Client


Senturian Solutions, AI analytics
D-Ron Singapore Pte Ltd
Challenge: Falls are climbing

The Integrated Dementia Assisted Living (IDEAL) facility in the Kebun Baru district of Singapore began operations in March 2021 in a Housing Board unit. It caters to vulnerable elderly who live alone in the constituency, providing free daytime care to this clientele.

In 2020, falls accounted for 40 percent of injury-related deaths in Singapore, with one in three community-dwelling elderly aged 65 years and older having experienced at least one fall within a year.

We have a group of very vulnerable seniors who are living alone and display the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s. We want to help them age successfully and independently. Technology can assist us, but we must be responsible about patient privacy and data protection.
Kebun Baru MP Henry Kwek
Solution: Masking covers privacy needs

The facility installed several cameras and sound sensors that monitor the elderly, while using privacy-masking features to ensure that their personal data is respected. The system also takes advantage of artificial intelligence (AI) and sound analytics software for detecting falls and distress.

The video feed is monitored by the volunteer caregivers from Kebun Baru Community Club. They can respond when the system triggers an alarm about a fall or distress that is detected, which eliminates the risks of possible human error. The caregivers can then provide medical assistance or notify the appropriate emergency services, if necessary.

The technology is from the video management software (VMS) provider Milestone Systems, which is integrated with analytics from Senturian Solutions and supported by the Alzheimer's Disease Association. D-RON Singapore achieved the installation. 

Results: Sensors send alerts accurately

The video management system uses silhouettes instead of actual detailed images of persons, to ensure privacy-sensitive compliance and absolute personal data protection.

This allows the system to extract only metadata from video footage that is critical in identifying persons in distress, while masking from view any non-essential physical and personal details.
Malou Toft, Milestone Systems Vice President of Asia-Pacific

Residents are already required to complete a Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) form to allow hospitals to release relevant medical information that will facilitate care for them.

The use of the video technology is part of the efforts to tackle and manage an ageing population. The Centre for Ageing Research and Education projects that 83,000 elderly people will be living alone in Singapore by 2030.

We hope that the video technology can be a part of how we help take care of our seniors - not just in Kebun Baru but throughout Singapore.
Kebun Baru MP Henry Kwek

This article was published by The Straits Times in March 2021 and updated here.

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