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May 15, 2020
When choosing your body-worn camera solution, the video management software is more important than the hardware. It’s that simple. Many organizations make the mistake of choosing the camera as their guiding star and opting for a boxed solution. But the real value is actually in the software. It needs to be flexible to meet your specific needs, partnering key characteristics like agility, future-proof, and seamless integration with the ability to share data across systems.
Choose Open to Seize Opportunities
The market for body-worn cameras is growing rapidly and is on the brink of changing and optimizing businesses and processes across the globe. In order to grow and respond to new needs and opportunities, it is game-changing to work on an open platform that can configure, control and manage fixed and mobile video surveillance equipment independent of manufacturer. Also, at a time when many organizations need to maximize their capital investments, the choice of open platform can significantly drive down costs.
Don’t Corner Yourself with a Boxed Solution

At first glance, it may seem simpler to just choose a closed boxed solution. Typically, this choice is driven by the type of camera you’ve decided to buy, while the software is simply whatever accompanies that specific piece of hardware. The problem with this bundled approach is that it represents an extremely short-term investment that can turn out to be both costly and useless in the long run. After all, if there is one sure thing in any business and organization, it is change. This is why you should always choose an open-platform solution that can easily change with you, so you don’t lose the initial investment. With Milestone’s XProtect® video management software (VMS), you can take your pick of pretty much any type of camera on the market and then add all the application and analytics layers you need. We help bring all the pieces together to give you the perfect video surveillance solution that includes body-worn camera technology.

Your Solution, Your Way

In short, Milestone’s open VMS platform provides you with unsurpassed flexibility and partners who can serve new needs as they surface. We don’t do “one size fits all”. You get the solution that YOU need, scaled to your needs. We would never force you into a boxed solution that limits your choices and your budget. Our simple per-device licensing model lets you choose the number of device licenses you need and gives you the freedom to add body-worn cameras and other devices in the future.

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