On motorcycle through 49 different countries

November 17, 2023

Many people dream of exploring the world, but few dare to take the leap. How do you strike the balance between personal adventures and a professional career? 

As a dedicated Milestone employee, Michael has not only had a great career in the IT world but has also had the opportunity to explore the world. A "wow" adventure made possible by Milestone's commitment to supporting both professional and personal growth.

Designing his own contract with 10 weeks of unpaid leave

Michael has been part of the Business Engagement and Architect group and with Milestone for five years. From the very beginning Michael emphasized his need for flexibility. He suggested in his employment contract that he would like the option to extend vacation up to 10 weeks of unpaid leave each year. His manager accommodated this special request, and it became a permanent part of Michael's work arrangement – though so far only utilized once.

However, this arrangement wasn’t just to get time off from work. Michael had a grander dream. He wanted to explore the world by travelling through South America on his motorcycle. He informed his manager of his dream, and the response he got was positive and his manager recognized the importance of supporting his personal development and dreams.

This also meant that his position was waiting for him when he returned after a three-month break. His colleagues divided his responsibilities among themselves to help ease his absence. There were handover sessions and close follow-up before his departure, ensuring a seamless transition. This resulted in Michael leaving with a closed laptop and no worries.

Exploring the world on two wheels

Michael has set an inspiring example for Milestone of how a global company can encourage employees to explore the world, gaining a deeper understanding and respect for different cultures. He travels on a motorcycle, often alone, and is in that way more accessible to the local population, leading to remarkable experiences in so far 49 different countries on 6 continents.

Riding solo on a motorcycle doesn't mean you're alone. In fact, it's a golden ticket to engaging with people from all walks of life. Michael's bike becomes a conversation starter, breaking down cultural barriers, and enabling him to interact with people he might never have met otherwise.

While being away, he maintained a blog where he documented his experiences in South America during his journey. Anyone within the Milestone family who wanted to follow his adventures could simply check out his blog. Upon his return he was approached by a group of colleagues he didn’t know, who had been following along on his blog and wanted to tell him how insightful this had been. 

Where Michael's next journey will lead him remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: this won’t be his last.


Name: Michael Brinch

Age: 58

Position in Milestone Systems: Senior Project Manager in Business Engagement and Architect

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