Rapid gunshot response in campus security

July 23, 2021

University and college administrators take the potential threat of guns and active shooter scenarios seriously. When educators adequately prepare for the worst-case scenario by providing good security and following the best practices accepted by schools worldwide, they protect people’s lives on their campuses every day. In addition, these standards teach university security personnel that planning for gun crime and active shooter incidents is a high priority for the faculty and students on their campuses.

Law enforcement professionals rely on gunshot and weapon detection technology in many municipal and public settings. In many ways, the university and college campuses are not unlike other public locations when considering security.

Four new technologies are in use:

  1. Audio Detection and Triangulation of Sound Matching a Gunshot Profile
  2. Computer Vision That Identifies a Firearm from Video Images
  3. Advanced Sensor Technology and Artificial Intelligence Weapons Screening
  4. Video Analytics That Detect a Muzzle Flash from a Firearm

Gunshot Detection

Gunshot detection technologies depend upon an array of microphones to detect sounds that match the sound profile of weapons fire and measure the differences of the same event recorded on different microphones to hear the gunshots using frequency sound patterns and percussion.

Milestone XProtect® open platform by Milestone Systems works with technology partners to provide alerts to your security team via the video management software (VMS). The VMS sends notifications to smart devices via text messages or email notifications, providing rapid response when the event detection occurs. Remote operators can also access XProtect on phones, tablets, or laptops to improve real-time situational awareness while in the field.

With the use of multiple audio sensors, advanced systems can triangulate the approximate location of the weapon when fired. Responding security teams need to know where to start looking for a potential shooter. They also need to know what they might be walking into upon arrival. Knowing where the shooter might be is critical information for first responders.

Weapons Detection

Milestone Systems partners with technology companies to leverage their artificial intelligence (AI) to work with XProtect. Weapons detection technology is relatively new, using computer vision to identify a weapon from camera viearm. The software confirms the presence of a gun. Furthermore, it works along with XProtect VMS to alert appropriate personnel of the weadeo feeds. The applications analyze live video and monitor for the appearance of a weapon so that they can use caution, keep the public safe, and respond appropriately.

Some of today’s technology relies on sending alerts after seeing or hearing the weapon. But what about early detection and screening in areas where traditional metal detectors and property searches don’t make sense?

Unlike traditional metal detectors, some companies use advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence to screen guests without stopping or handing over their belongings as they walk past sensors.  When a weapon is detected, XProtect alerts security officers who can initiate contact with people to search for firearms and take necessary precautions.

Companies using artificial intelligence for object detection rely on advanced analytic algorithms to detect specified objects in video, including guns or knives. AI works quickly to verify and provide for an accurate assessment.

Muzzle Flash Detection

Muzzle flash detection applications analyze live video feeds for visible or infrared light signatures generated from weapons fire. The software confirms the muzzle flash is from a gun and triggers a security response.

Adding Value for Campuses

Colleges and universities find that detection systems can be surprisingly affordable and add value to existing security and surveillance infrastructure. Campuses are rapidly adopting this technology to provide additional protection in the public gathering areas, such as sporting venues on their campuses. Additionally, some schools offer alert notification and system access to local police precincts to speed response and remediation in an active shooter event on their campuses.

Milestone works alongside partners and system integrators to provide high-quality and scalable solutions on school campuses around the world. The safety of the faculty, students, and guests on your college or university campus is worth the investment to give them the peace of mind they deserve when they visit your campus. Milestone XProtect VMS can make your campus a safer and more secure environment, providing your security team with speedy detection of incidents and the opportunity to provide for rapid remediation of any threats or incidents that happen in your space.

About Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 500,000 customer sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in the Canon Group. For more on information on education solutions visit this page. 

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