Ekokem Increases Customer Satisfaction by Using Milestone XProtect as a Marketing Tool

Ekokem’s use of Milestone software integration allowed them to enhance their marketing position by expanding service offerings to include live streaming video


COPENHAGEN – May 25, 2016.  Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS), played a pivotal role in increased customer satisfaction for Finnish environmental services company, Ekokem. XProtect Corporate introduced a new tool that enabled them to expand their services and raise customer satisfactionin addition to heightening security and safety levels at the facility.

 Demonstrating transparency in how waste is recycled and transformed is important to Ekokem. This objective was achieved by i was met byintroducing a new video streaming service using Milestone XProtect. Here Ekokem realized a competitive advantage. Customers were given the opportunity to gain external access to video from selected cameras through the XProtect web client so they had firsthand insight into waste handling processes. Furthermore, live documentation that the waste was being handled in an environmentally sustainable way authenticated their processes. The operator was given the ability to access video from all cameras through one single intuitive interface making it quick and easy to check up on different locations. Improved situational awareness was also a benefit for staff security.

 Milestone Platinum Partner, Empower Oy, installed Milestone XProtect Corporate video management software to enable central management of 80 cameras from Axis and Bosch. The cameras were installed in both indoor and outdoor premises to ensure a comprehensive overview of all facilities.

Milestone products are built on an open platform architecture with possibilities for integration with third-party solutions. This provides future opportunities for Ekokem to broaden their system’s functionality. For example, integrating the system with license plate recognition software to ensure automatic opening of gates for Ekokem trucks entering the premises is possible. The latest expansion is the use of thermal cameras to alarm for critical temperatures before an eventual fire breaks out in the plant’s waste feeder.

According to Timo Kapulainen, Maintenance Supervisor at Ekokem, the innovative initiative has been well received by Ekokem’s customers: “Our customers are very satisfied with the initiative and it has helped raise customer satisfaction. It sends a very positive signal about us keeping our promises and being totally transparent”.

Ekokem is a leading Nordic circular economy company, which offers environmental management and material efficiency services. Their mission is to create value by improving customers’ material and energy efficiency while saving natural resources and promoting the circular economy.

 Ekokem is also a company in growth and expecting expansion in the next years, which makes it important that their video surveillance solution can be scaled up and adjusted to changing needs. The Milestone solution fits perfectly as it can be expanded to include more cameras and facilities.

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